Brian Urlacher files hair-raising lawsuit against Florida clinic

Getty Images

Brian Urlacher’s not giving out any free plugs.

The former Bears linebacker is suing a Florida hair clinic which used his image in advertising, since it’s not the Florida hair clinic he used to become a former bald.

According to Mitchell Armentrout of the Chicago Sun-Times, Urlacher has filed a suit for misappropriation and seeks more than $200,000 in damages from Charles Medical Group, saying they tried “illegally to steal and cash in on” his success.

Urlacher signed a deal in 2014 to endorse Restore Hair, but the lawsuit claims that Charles Medical Group used his likeness without permission on their website.

The website no longer has any mention of him, but screenshots filed as part of the lawsuit shows his image, and claims they targeted Chicago-area clients using his celebrity status.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, . . .