Report: Browns will meet with Terrelle Pryor’s agent this week

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The Browns will meet this week with agent Drew Rosenhaus about a new contract for wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported Monday.

Pryor is eligible for free agency next month if the sides don’t work out an agreement.

Pryor, 27, just finished his first full season as a wide receiver. The Browns list him at 6-foot-4, 223 pounds, and the former quarterback showed off his rare combination of size and athleticism last season in catching 77 passes for 1,007 yards.

The Browns currently have more salary cap room than any other team, and Pryor is one of the headliners of a thin free agent class at the wide receiver position. If Rosenhaus is asking for more than the Browns are willing to pay, the team could give Pryor the franchise tag to keep him off the market and buy more time to strike a long-term deal.

LaCanfora tweeted that the Browns consider re-signing Pryor “their top offseason priority.” They already finalized a deal to keep linebacker Jamie Collins off the free agent market.

Pryor is going to get paid, and handsomely, by somebody. Because he’s still new at the position he might not get the kind of guaranteed money more established receivers in his age range have received in recent years, but because so many teams will be flush with cash next month and so few wide receivers are currently slated to hit the market, Rosenhaus could eventually land Pryor a mega-deal.

18 responses to “Report: Browns will meet with Terrelle Pryor’s agent this week

  1. One of the few positive story lines for the Brown’s organization. I hope they realize that their immediate goal shouldn’t be playoffs and super bowls, but simply changing the losing culture. Too many years of over-reaching in the draft has hamstrung the team. Build through the draft, develop through coaching, reinforce through free agency.

  2. It’s a cool saga and he’s done a fairly amazing thing. There are a whole lot of guys getting paid millions to be a NFL receiver who didn’t get 1007 yards last season. Good on him!

  3. I’m all for getting him signed, but if they don’t, I think it’s safe to say he’ll be a Browns next year. With the CAP space we have, I find it hard to believe they won’t get a deal done…unless he’s gonna want OBJ money. Then we’ll just tag him!

  4. Two years ago this guy was bouncing from team to team, just hoping to be in the league. They do NOT need to over pay him. It would be a classic Browns move to do so.

  5. This has “over pay ” written all over it… especially because the WRs they drafted last year can’t play….

  6. Pay him. There is virtually no one the browns need to resign over the next 3 years. If you’re not going to build through free agency then there is no point in continuing to hoard cap space. Don’t make another hole for no reason. Give the next qb a fighting chance.

  7. Probably need to be careful not to overpay him. A lot of those yards came in junk time.

    Always be careful with stats, especially when playing from behind. See Blake Bortles as well, tons of passing yards, but all junk.

  8. How many different QBs started for the Browns last year? And yet Pryor still managed 1000 yds. He has earned it, pay the man.

    Then spend every draft pick on the o-line, there is no excuse for 5-6 QBs getting injured.

  9. I agree with Mrboado… change the culture.. which hasn’t been done since their reentry into the NFL.
    I think Pryor is worth signing but I would not overpay him…. and PLEASE don’t reach for a QB with either the #1 or #12 picks… take the best two players available…. fill some holes on the def. and off. lines……… it makes no difference who plays QB if they have to run for their lives. I personally would like to see Kessler get a fair chance … a chance when they can run the ball and give him a legitimate opportunity.

  10. an example of how NOT to do Business…..

    This organization is a mess….

    Learn from the patriots will ya???

    Keep it simple, private and then make a big splash down the road…

    If they should fail to sign this kid… what happens then??

    Foolish….keep it close to the vest conduct business in a professional and private manner get all parties to buy into that approach until it is a done deal..

    the browns will never win anything….

  11. I have to admit, Pryor certainly surprised a lot of people with his success. Switching positions at the highest level is certainly not easy.

    Kudos to Pryor for checking his ego and admitting he’s not an NFL QB. Unlike a certain other proselytizing QB, Pryor didn’t let his pride come before the fall. One understood the Biblical verse and still has a job in the NFL, and the other thinks he’s now a baseball player at the lowest levels of minor leagues. (0.194 batting average).

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