Kurt Warner: Terrell Owens is a Hall of Famer

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As we continue to wait (and wait . . . and wait) for the Hall of Famers other than Dan Fouts who are opposed to putting Terrell Owens in the Hall of Fame to stand up and be identified, a new Hall of Famer who has four other receivers he’d like to see in Canton acknowledges that he’d thinks Owens should be there — flaws and all.

“I believe, A, he’s a Hall of Famer,” Warner said on a Wednesday visit to PFT Live. “What he did between those lines you can’t argue. There’s nothing you can argue about, and I believe he will get in.”

The position wasn’t unequivocal, however.

“The other part of it is when I’ve always thought of the Hall of Fame I think, yeah, great between the lines in regards to statistics and how you played your game but I also have always thought of it as a level of prestige,” Warner said. “That it’s about the way you represented the game and the impact that you had on the game as a whole and I’m speaking just based on here say because every time I’ve been around T.O. I loved the guy. He’s been great to me and I love his personality but I believe that’s the perception or reality that’s there is that the voters fully believe he belongs in due to his numbers and will get in.

“But there’s a prestige factor that maybe wasn’t matched with T.O. based on the different things that we hear and that we’ve seen and that’s really the only caveat right there [for him] and guys like Charles Haley. Same way, right? He belonged in the Hall of Fame way before he got in but there was a part to it that says, ‘We believe that the Hall of Fame is more than stats.’ It’s not just stats there’s something else extra to it and then you have to weigh that with guys like myself. You know you got T.O. and myself and you try to weigh the two and balance them out and I think it was just a matter of, ‘Okay we weighed this one a little bit heavier than T.O. yet T.O. I believe without question because he’s earned that right with the way he played the game.’”

That’s a fair, reasoned assessment of the situation. The problem, though, is that some of the voters seem to be sufficiently entrenched to keep T.O. in his time out chair for a third year and beyond. Hopefully they’ll: (1) listen to other voices like Warner’s (and Steve Young and Bill Parcells); and (2) they won’t continue to refuse to induct Owens due either to spite or to the fact that Owens has seen fit to defend himself and, in turn, challenge a process that clearly could be improved.

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  1. This is one thing I can’t stand about HoF inductees…all of a sudden they think they’re experts on who should or shouldn’t be in. This is no different from Warren Sapp’s bs over Michael Strahan.

  2. You’re clearly beating the drum for Owens, and I think he should get into the hall. But this whole ‘it’s a conspiracy to single him out thing’ seems like revisionist history.

    Look back through this sites archives for your own words:

    “Perhaps not coincidentally, none of those three had been publicly whining about “politics” keeping them from getting jobs.

    And that’s the irony. Owens’ effort to publicly blame his past transgressions on his present unemployment could be the one thing that is keeping teams from concluding that he truly has changed.

    Indeed, if Owens no longer were the chronic complainer that he’d been throughout his career, he wouldn’t be complaining about the fact that he doesn’t have a job with an NFL team because people are holding his past complaining against him.”

    “The man who perfected the art of externalizing blame still continues to do so.

    Never is anything his fault, except when he sees the potential benefit of swallowing a small chunk of his pride and admitting he has made mistakes as part of a last-ditch effort to continue his career.

    Somehow, the media has poisoned every NFL General Manager into thinking that Owens is unfit for employment. Yes, his absence from an NFL roster at a time when there are nearly 2,900 available spots have nothing to do with Owens’ age or his declining skills or his attitude or his history. He has been involuntarily exiled for two full seasons and counting because of all the things that demons like us have written and said about him.”

    A PFT fan poll from 6/7/13 asks when/if TO should be a HOF. The highest voted value was ‘Never’ at 41%.

    Again, I personally think the guy should get in. But he HAS certainly rubbed a ton of people the wrong way.

    It would be an interesting article if someone combed over the various issues he’s had and looked at the validity.

    To me, a bunch of players/coaches not holding on to a 15 year grudge doesn’t undo the fact that he was a monumentally horrible teammate (as well as HOF talent).

  3. I’m interested in hearing Jeff Garcia’s comments on whether or not Terrell Owens is a HOF.

    Owens apparently had a lot to say about Garcia.

  4. Just open the door and make everybody a HOF player, everybody gets treated the same.

    That’s what the left wants and they won’t stop until they get there.

  5. I mean I agree with him not being put in the Hall of Fame because that dude was a cancer in the locker rooms. Part of being a good football player is to be a team player. I honestly wouldn’t put him in there, but that’s just me. I feel like he should have that mark against him forever. Teaches people down the road not to be cancerous to every team you go on.

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