Report: Broncos have not discussed Victor Cruz

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Almost immediately after the Giants cut receiver Victor Cruz, reports emerged that the Broncos were interested. But those reports are now being contradicted.

Veteran Broncos reporter Mike Klis of KUSA reports that the Broncos have not discussed Cruz.

The Broncos could use a slot receiver like Cruz: They have a good 1-2 pair of starters in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, but not much after him.

However, there are questions about whether the 30-year old Cruz has anything left. Cruz suffered a torn patellar tendon in the sixth game of the 2014 season, missed the entire 2015 season after suffering a calf injury, and managed just 39 catches in 15 games last year. The Broncos may not be convinced that Cruz will be able to contribute anything next season.

9 responses to “Report: Broncos have not discussed Victor Cruz

  1. I think a lot of these rumors are generated by the player’s agent. Trying to drum up interest. Cruz missed the bulk of two seasons with two rather serious leg injuries, and was unimpressive last year. It’s sad … but he may be done.

  2. Next Report: Broncos may or may not have thought about discussing victor cruz unless they did then it that case they did discuss victor cruz but not really

  3. No sense in bringing up last years stats…The Giants put him outside and out of the slot where he is no longer an effective WR thanks to injuries and father time..I think he still has enough in the tank to be a solid slot receiver when you have two hosses like they have on the outside

  4. IF this were to happen, and I am going to assume it isn’t;

    That would give them Thomas, Sanders, and Cruz. All to have some mediocre QB throwing them the ball. Not sensible.

    I just don’t see Elway making a move this foolish.

  5. Disregard the stats from last year. He was so miscast as an outside WR it’s like saying Von Miller can’t rush the passer anymore because they played him at safety and he only had 2 sacks last year.

    Cruz doesn’t have straight line speed and isn’t gonna burn a decent CB. However, he’s still got the shake and bake and can create plenty of separation on quick slants, digs, short crosses and all other patterns typical of a slot WR. Let Thomas and Sanders get the big chunk plays. Cruz will get you those tough 7 yards on 3rd and 6 from the slot to keep the chains moving.

    As a Giants’ fan, I would have preferred they drafted an outside WR last year instead of Shepard and kept Cruz in the slot. We would have been much more explosive. Instead, we were playing with 10 men on offense all year. Square peg in round hole.

  6. It’s a thin WR free agent class. Victor will cash in and salsa dance somewhere, even if it’s not Denver.

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