Lions renovating Ford Field with eye on hosting Super Bowl

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The NFL has lined up the next four Super Bowls, which will be held at three new stadiums and one that underwent extensive renovations in order to be deemed worthy of hosting the league’s biggest game of the year.

That provides a blueprint for cities and teams interested in hosting the game and it is one that the Lions have noted. The team will be making $100 million in renovations to Ford Field and team president Rod Wood said the team “expressed an interest in bidding on the next round” of Super Bowls. The league is expected to pick bidders in the fall with Super Bowl sites starting in 2022 named in 2018.

“We’re at the very beginnings of trying to work with some of our partners in the city to form a commission that could focus on bringing things to the city of Detroit,” Wood said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I think with the activity downtown, just think back to when we had the Super Bowl here 11 years ago, 12 years ago now, what’s happened in the city since then, and with what we’re going to do with the stadium. I can’t promise that we’ll get another Super Bowl, but I certainly think the stadium is ready for it.”

Ford Field was the site of Super Bowl XL in 2006 and Detroit also hosted Super Bowl XVI at the Silverdome when that was the Lions’ home.

The renovations to the stadium include new videoboards, a new sound system and changes to the club seating areas of the stadium. They are expected to be completed in time for the 2017 preseason.

23 responses to “Lions renovating Ford Field with eye on hosting Super Bowl

  1. “We’re at the very beginnings of trying to extort 100 million from the taxpayers so the uber rich and greedy Fords don’t have to spend a penny on their own stadium”

    Enough of the freaking scumbag owners. Enough. Not one more penny of corporate welfare for billionaires.

  2. Before all the inevitable stupid comments about Detroit from people who have never been there start rolling in: From someone who actually spends a lot of time there and isn’t speaking out of ignorance it’s a really fun city with a lot going on and it’s definitely come a long way since it hosted the super bowl in ’06
    If you think it’s a dump or a bad place then by all means express your displeasure with it by not attending the next super bowl it hosts. The city will be a lot better off without you in it.

  3. I’ve been to Ford field many times, it’s like a brand new stadium. What in the hell is there to renovate ??

  4. I have been to Ford Field and I have to say I loved the stadium. As a Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens season ticketholder, I have always been the guy that says football needs to be played outdoors. Ford Field in November with a golf shirt on kinda changed my way of thinking….

  5. whats wrong with Ford Field?
    granted these new stadiums blow it out of the water, but its still a nice venue. and its just football.

  6. I went to SB XL in Detroit. First Detroit looked like a 3rd world country. Vacant skyscrapers with broken windows. It was terrible. Local residents said they never go downtown. 2nd the refs were terrible that game. Handed it to local hero Jerome Bettis.

  7. detriot should not get another chance at hosting the superbowl until all of the other cold weather nfl host cities get their chance

    there is no reason detriot should be given the opportunity and cities like washington DC, philadelphia, baltimore, and new England shouldn’t

  8. I also went to SB XL in Detroit. The stadium was fantastic. Otherwise, it was a lousy destination for the game. It snowed much of the weekend, so bad on Saturday night that we didn’t think we’d get back to the hotel. Thankfully it let up. Downtown Detroit was a disaster. Someone was shot and killed the first night outside a club. Bitter cold. Just generally not a place to hold an event like this in February.

    So now it takes $100m to make the stadium “up to par” to host one again? That’s insane. Detroit is hurting, that money could be spent in so many better ways. Go back to hosting the game in warm weather destinations only – the fans who are shelling out ridiculous money for everything deserve to be in a spot that lives up to the expense.

  9. Detroit is the only city in America with all 4 major sports located within its limits (starting this year). Other cities have their claims to fame, but Detroit certainly does too.

    And then you add to that 3 world-class casinos? Who has that?

    And a foul ball from Comerica Park could hit the Fox Theater…a National Historical Landmark and an incomparable place to catch a show…possibly bouncing off of Little Caesars Arena or Ford Field on the way.

    Fine, you don’t come to Detroit for its beaches. And you don’t go to Orlando for its football. Nor to Arlington for its downhill skiing. But every one of those places has a reason to visit it, and Detroit offers a whole lot more than most. Wear a coat, you’ll be fine.

  10. The NFL has the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. They want the latest and greatest bells and whistles and Roger is rewarding this expensive mentality with Super Bowls. This greed has led to teams destroying communities and moving. Burn it all down.

  11. Raising money for the stadium shouldn’t be a problem. Everyone in Detroit is flush with auto industry money. A city as rich as Detroit is only has to reach down between it’s seat cushions for that money.

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