Kyle Shanahan: 49ers not looking for a “short-term fix” at QB

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The 49ers are supposed to meet with Colin Kaepernick soon, as both sides try to determine if the incumbent quarterback is a fit for new coach Kyle Shanahan.

But Shanahan said during an interview on KNBR 680-AM that no matter which quarterback he picks for this year, the goal is to find someone to lead the team for years to come.

“When you make a decision on a quarterback, you don’t want that to just be a short-term fix,” Shanahan said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “You want to make a commitment to somebody. In order to do that, you better make sure you’re on the same page with everyone else and you put the time in, you talk to people who’ve been with these guys.”

Shanahan said he’s exchanged text messages with Kaepernick, but hasn’t met with him personally. But he has been working overtime with new General Manager John Lynch and personnel staffers Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew looking at all their options at the position.

“In order to feel good about a quarterback, I need to spend a lot of time on them,” Shanahan said. “It’s not always the first time you watch them. You might come back the next day, see the same stuff and feel a little different. . . . It’s too important a decision to just make an impulsive move.”

There have been mixed reports as to whether Kaepernick might opt out of his contract — and it’s reasonable to wonder whether the 49ers want to stake themselves to him. The rest of their depth chart (Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Thad Lewis) is headed for free agency, giving Shanahan a chance at a clean slate.

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  1. “When you make a decision on a quarterback, you don’t want that to just be a short-term fix, they have to play well for 3 quarters per game” Shanahan said

  2. I can see Kap running a version of Kyle’s offense. Get him on some bootlegs and utilize his legs a little more. That sort of stuff won’t work if Seattle’s secondary is healthy but those guys aren’t getting younger over there. That division could be there for the taking.

  3. I honestly don’t see what is so difficult about this. Kaepernick has not only been horrid for the past 3 years but he became a huge distraction to the team last year with the circus he created, good cause or not. Send this guy packing already.

  4. If I am not mistaken, only one of all the QB possibilities the Niners have, i.e., via FA, trade, draft or whatever has actually led his team to the Super Bowl – Kaepernick. One “known” versus unknowns. Kaepernick is the same player back when that worked hand-in-glove with Niner management to structure a new raise deal geared toward helping the team have more money to use on other players. What does all that mean: simple, stay with Colin, pitch a restructured contract to him that he’ll buy, bring Matt Schaub on board who is already totally familiar with Kyle’s offensive mind-set and accustomed to being the Number 2, then draft some promising rookie in the 4th to have him study and grow for the 2 – 3 years. Problem solved.

  5. Posturing – the annual NFL game between front offices. Patriots put out a story that they want to keep Garoppolo unless they get a mega deal. 49ers reply that the fix can’t be short term indicating they will pick a QB in the draft to drive down the price. The Browns claim they like AJ McCarron but talk up Webb as a rookie QB trying to get McCarron on the cheap. As fans we’re subject to all the lies and games being played. We won’t know the truth until the draft is complete.

  6. Honestly, was disappointed the new regime hadn’t already decided to move on from Kap on Day 1.
    Kap “reached out” and now both sides are open to a meeting. That scene made Lynch look weak.
    It was a great opportunity (and an easy one) to be decisive and say…. THAT SHIP HAS SAILED.
    Keeping CK around will just delay the rebuilding process.
    If KS is serious about no “short term” fixes, no way Kap is on the roster in ’17.
    Kap has too many flaws to be a long term answer for anybody.

  7. They’re gonna draft Trubisky. He’s nowhere near ready to be an NFL starter but that team isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 more years so all they need is a cheap veteran placeholder till Mitch gets up to speed and by 2019 it should all start coming together.

  8. The clear, incisive opinion of fumblenuts rules this comment thread. The team’s best option is at hand and has familiarity with the rest of the offensive lineup. Blaine Gabbert who managed to squeeze 5 more points per game on average out of an inept offense still learning Kelly’s flaky system than Squidward did once they started to learn it. Gabs also started the toughest part of the schedule for the 9ers facing top defenses every week at the start of the season. Kelly made the switch to undermine Trent Baalke and make himself look like an upstanding non racist liberal at the same time. The season was effectively done for the team when Chip make the switch. He had nothing to lose at that point and everything to gain by going with Kaepernick. Except Jed York didn’t appreciate the sleaze and canned him along with the guy he was back stabbing.

  9. I’m not a big Kap fan, but I understand why MS is considering keeping him. Runs the ball very well. Can pass when things are going well.

    That said, I’d be surprised if in the end, MS keeps him. Too many people have said that he probably isn’t the answer. Steve Young commented on his lack of footwork. And Kap struggled many times with the defensive reads. Does play nearly as good under pressure.

    In addition, I think he causes some distractions.

  10. IMO, just get Kaep to get back some muscle, then run the playbook for RG3, including the plays that RG3s dad prohibited the Shanahan’s from using.

    IMO, Kaep is a more accurate thrower and decision maker than RG3 ever was. Plus KS wont have to deal with Snyder or RG2 or RG3’s antics.

  11. A Black Panther communist revolutionary wannabe who hates America and the police is the perfect quarterback to represent thy city of San Francisco.

  12. kenmasters34 says:
    Feb 17, 2017 6:49 PM
    IMO, just get Kaep to get back some muscle, then run the playbook for RG3, including the plays that RG3s dad prohibited the Shanahan’s from using.
    That’s a thought. Then draft a QB like Mahomes in the second or third and develop him like the Steelers did Big Ben. The RG3 playbook will probably get a QB killed in two seasons; if it does, voila! You have a QB ready to roll out the new offense.
    Spend the rest of he draft (including Round 1 building the rest of the team (DBs, pass rushers, under-the-radar WRs that Want It).
    The first couple seasons like that likely wouldn’t be a lot different than 2016, but by 2019 they should be competitive.
    You have to assume that Lynch and Shannahan are working from the same playbook. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

  13. Forget about drafting a QB in the 1st round – let some other team over-reach. We need a veteran, who already has paid dues in the NFL and is currently undervalued, so we can get him cheap. If Shanahan’s system can rebuild Matt Ryan’s career, think of what he could do with Jay Cutler’s. He’s had some growing up to do and been humbled, so he would be receptive to a fresh start with us. This might be a “Patriot-like” pickup.

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