Marc Trestman heads back to the CFL

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Marc Trestman is going back to Canada.

Trestman, the former Bears head coach who most recently was offensive coordinator of the Ravens, is slated to become the next head coach of the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. Gary Lawless of TSN reports that the Argonauts have agreed to hire Trestman as coach and Jim Popp as G.M. and both deals are expected to be announced tomorrow.

Before the Bears hired him, Trestman spent five seasons as head coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes. He had a winning record in all five of his seasons in Montreal and won the Grey Cup twice. Trestman’s success in Canada, however didn’t translate to success in the NFL, as he lasted just two seasons in Chicago and was fired during his second season in Baltimore.

Former Argonauts head coach Scott Milanovich resigned last month to become quarterbacks coach of the Jaguars.

7 responses to “Marc Trestman heads back to the CFL

  1. Good to see Trestman head back to the CFL where he had great success with the Als. It’s going to be much harder this time without Cavillo though…

  2. People bag on this guy for wrecking the Bears, and he certainly did his part, but the guy who really deserves to be pilloried is Phil Emery, who not only hired Trestman but made numerous bad free agent signings, drafted incapable players by the handful and handcuffed the Bears to Jay Cutler for much longer and more dollars than any sensible mind would have agreed to.

  3. I loved today’s press conference. Establishing Ricky Ray as the starter is the right move. Trestman is best with older QBs willing to improve (unlike, you know, Cutler).
    Popp is the right guy to give the Argos what they need right now which is buzz. No one knows how to use the negotiation list better. I felt the Barker/Milanovich act had gotten really stale and as a lifelong Argo fan, I feel a whole lot better about my football team.

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