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Brandon Marshall asks for, gets release from Jets

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The Jets have granted wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s request to be released, Kimberly Martin of Newsday reported Thursday evening.

His departure comes as part of a significant overhaul as the Jets have been busy saving money and appear headed for a rebuilding year in 2017. Darrelle Revis, Ryan Clady and Nick Mangold are among the other veterans who were previously notified they would be released.

Marshall, who’s a few weeks away from his 33rd birthday, is a six-time Pro Bowler. He spent the last two seasons with the Jets and had 1,502 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns in 2015. He had 788 receiving yards and three touchdowns last season.

Marshall has caught 941 passes, 82 for touchdowns, in his 11-year career.

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76 Responses to “Brandon Marshall asks for, gets release from Jets”
  1. PFTCommentSectionIsFullOfBigotry says: Mar 2, 2017 10:16 PM

    Him & Jay Cutler will turn the Browns around!!!

  2. natijim235 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:18 PM

    probably a hopeless wish but he sure would look good lined up with AJ Green! make it happen Bengals!

  3. aliveguy24 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:19 PM

    I’d ask to get out of jail too

  4. pau49ers says: Mar 2, 2017 10:19 PM

    Alshon Jeffrey just took a paycut.

  5. iamfakejesus says: Mar 2, 2017 10:23 PM

    If he retires you know he has a job on tv. If not, plenty of teams will be calling. Qb was the problem with the jets.

  6. dxfiler says: Mar 2, 2017 10:24 PM

    He’s a huge pain in the ass and maybe not worth the trouble at this stage of his career, but if anyone could get production out of him it’s the Pats. He wants a shot at rings and hasn’t even been on a team that ever made the post season. Should be motivation enough for him to play well on a good team.

  7. jetsfaninindy says: Mar 2, 2017 10:24 PM

    Maybe 2 wins is too much to ask for in 2017.

  8. jag1959 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:30 PM

    Still probably a $5-7M talent, unfortunately it’s still connected to a 5¢ head.

  9. trubroncfan07 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:32 PM

    Come on back to Denver Marshall.

  10. konichiwabtches says: Mar 2, 2017 10:35 PM

    Hes going to New England fo sho doh

  11. mindelm42 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:37 PM

    Stay at Met Life…take over for CRUZZZZ.

  12. mcjon22 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:37 PM

    Sweet, now he can sign with…



  13. tedmurph says: Mar 2, 2017 10:40 PM

    As a Pats fan, I hate the Jets. Despise them more than any other team, going way back. But, it’s so bad there, I can’t even take any pleasure anymore.

  14. navyvandal says: Mar 2, 2017 10:48 PM

    Belichick is looking to ring back Floyd on a cheap deal…..take Marshall, if anyone can turn his sorry attitude around, it’s Belichick. I say this as a diehard pats fan from Mass, living in Chicago where my wife is from. He was a locker room cancer everywhere he has been. Because those coaches lacked DISCIPLINE and respect

  15. ace24xx says: Mar 2, 2017 10:48 PM

    Good! Saves the Jets another 7 million to rebuild. I liked Marshall until last season when he became a pass dropping machine. He won’t miss, or be missed by the Jets.

  16. droppedinagreasefire says: Mar 2, 2017 10:50 PM

    He is headed straight to the green room (tv).

  17. black59razorblog says: Mar 2, 2017 10:52 PM

    Brandon, come on home to Denver. You would fit perfectly with DeMaryius and Emmanuel in the slot, with Tony Romo throwing you the pill and Christian McCaffrey soon to be added as the first round pick, the Broncos O will be leathal to go with the best defense in the NFL and the only proven team that can regularly beat New England, who you hate anyway. Come on home, son

  18. suncawy says: Mar 2, 2017 10:52 PM

    He’s going to sign with the Patriots…a perfect Belichick rehab project.

  19. handsomerob86 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:54 PM

    Seems like a pats time, him and Revis. Go be good for one year, hunt for another ring (well first for Marshall), and get paid again by another team next season. The patriot way.

  20. patriotinvasion says: Mar 2, 2017 10:54 PM

    Welcome to New England Brandon. Come get your ring.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Jets built a win-now team around a lose-now quarterback. Hello 3-13 season.

  21. tjacks7 says: Mar 2, 2017 10:55 PM

    If he can punt footballs in games as well as he can when he’s mad at practice the Vikings may be interested.

  22. seatownballers says: Mar 2, 2017 11:00 PM

    Titans, patriots, or giants

  23. 8oneanddones says: Mar 2, 2017 11:05 PM

    Please join Jay Cutler back in Denver.

  24. ravenmadnky says: Mar 2, 2017 11:06 PM

    Marshall is gonna look awfully good in purple. Hope he likes crab cakes.

  25. hess97 says: Mar 2, 2017 11:08 PM


  26. rclindhe says: Mar 2, 2017 11:15 PM

    New England. Gets his ring this year or next. Retires.

  27. lukedunphysscienceproject says: Mar 2, 2017 11:16 PM

    Rebuilding? Rebuilding from what? Were they ever “built” in the first place?

  28. canetic says: Mar 2, 2017 11:31 PM

    Cards or Pats

  29. thrifty says: Mar 2, 2017 11:44 PM

    Stay away from Denver, Brandon – RIP DWill.

  30. justintuckrule says: Mar 2, 2017 11:44 PM

    Playing opposite OBJ will make him a 1,200/12 WR again. Perfect fit. I’m sure Phil told him on Inside the NFL how great big blue is.

  31. cwdonald314 says: Mar 2, 2017 11:44 PM

    Go play baseball with Tim Teblow…

  32. metlifeteardown says: Mar 2, 2017 11:48 PM

    Who is Geno gonna throw to?

  33. screwmemean says: Mar 3, 2017 12:03 AM

    This dude is headed straight to the Green Room (tv).

  34. tdubdizzle says: Mar 3, 2017 12:07 AM


  35. truecowboyfan says: Mar 3, 2017 12:25 AM

    Don’t these players learn? Disruptive and divisive players will not be
    signed by anyone when they lose just a wee bit of talent. Randy Moss and Terrel Owens anyone?

  36. tdonn says: Mar 3, 2017 12:49 AM

    NE doesn’t need him…Money better spent on defense

  37. ChampKind813 says: Mar 3, 2017 1:12 AM

    Well there’s huge WR holes in Ari,Minn,Phi,KC,Tenn,Buf, Sea …Every team in California not named the Oakland Raiders. Would not be surprised to see him catch on with one of these teams. He still has allot to offer and would immediately upgrade any WR corps on this list. As most of these teams only have 1 proven WR or worse, none. Question is where Brandon believes he’s the best fit. That’s the interesting part

  38. gbpackfan3 says: Mar 3, 2017 1:25 AM

    Real talk he goin to play wit Brady. Seriously

  39. campcouch says: Mar 3, 2017 1:26 AM

    Lucrative tv deal lined up. Other players should take a cue and guest appear on sports talk. He’s made millions on the field and will be comfortable just chatting once a week.

  40. mtrjets says: Mar 3, 2017 1:36 AM

    Stud receiver…..We’ll miss ya Brandon. Let the rebuild begin………….

  41. johny248 says: Mar 3, 2017 1:41 AM


  42. dalcowdude says: Mar 3, 2017 2:08 AM

    4 or 5 teams in 11 years and never made the playoffs….if nothing else this guy is a jinx…hope he signs with philly or the cheatin giants

  43. randalpnaditch says: Mar 3, 2017 3:04 AM

    Another head case wide receiver

  44. uglydingo says: Mar 3, 2017 4:21 AM

    Interesting to see if any team seriously goes after him. Marshall is very talented but also very selfish and disruptive in the locker room. There is a good reason why Denver, Miami, Chicago and now the Jets all let him go.
    Buyer beware.

  45. twoteamsforlosangeles says: Mar 3, 2017 4:40 AM

    Win-win for both parties…A bit to much to ask a 33 year old to waste his remaining career on a team that is at least three years away

  46. wryly1 says: Mar 3, 2017 5:10 AM

    Jets are clearly going into rebuild mode.

  47. sparxx2157 says: Mar 3, 2017 5:27 AM

    Marshall you will be best believe if we were not rebuilding he would still be a jet.. Jets are in rebuilding mode…

  48. margoadams says: Mar 3, 2017 5:39 AM

    More #DeflateGate Karma happening to another owner and organization who were trying to bring the GOAT’s down. It ain’t stopping anytime soon. Unless of course Woody, Roger, Irsay, et al go hat in hand to Brookline MA and apologize and ask Mr Kraft & TB12 for their forgiveness.

  49. nyneal says: Mar 3, 2017 5:45 AM

    I’ve never seen any other good WR drop as many passes as Marshall does.
    That said, he can definitely help some team get better instantly.
    As for the Jets, it’s a good thing the Browns are in the NFL or they’d really look horrible.

  50. Rolo Tomassi says: Mar 3, 2017 6:13 AM

    Brandon Marshall is the definition of a Team Player. Ah haha.
    The 1st Rat to jump ship. Ah haha
    When the going gets tough Brandon gets going .
    Ah haha

  51. bonecity7 says: Mar 3, 2017 6:18 AM

    navyvandal says:
    Mar 2, 2017 10:48 PM

    Belichick is looking to ring back Floyd on a cheap deal…..take Marshall, if anyone can turn his sorry attitude around, it’s Belichick. I say this as a diehard pats fan from Mass, living in Chicago where my wife is from. He was a locker room cancer everywhere he has been. Because those coaches lacked DISCIPLINE and respect
    Howzie, is that you? Nelly

  52. conciselogic says: Mar 3, 2017 6:55 AM

    He is talented but is also a narcisist who loves to talk about himself and air the dirty laundry of his team so there is absolutely no chance he ends up in NE. Belichek is way too smart to do that. titans or vikings are my guesses.

  53. kneedragr says: Mar 3, 2017 7:36 AM

    I fully expect the Redskins to sign him to some huge contract.

  54. twincities90210 says: Mar 3, 2017 7:39 AM

    another 33 tribute.

    33rd degree freemasons run and control the NFL

  55. themikegun says: Mar 3, 2017 7:41 AM

    Jets have been in “rebuild” mode since SB III.

  56. 1phillyphan says: Mar 3, 2017 7:52 AM

    There is a Philly connection. I love how posters are calling him selfish ect. He donated close to a million dollars of HIS OWN money to mental health as well as raising more with his charity. Because he’s outspoken about his QB ( Cutler earned the ire). While he went above and beyond to support Fitz ( missed on that one). He’s very intelligent. Well spoken. Wants to win. I’d take 5 of him in Philly.

  57. shiz1156 says: Mar 3, 2017 7:58 AM

    Welcome to NE!

  58. bchap17 says: Mar 3, 2017 8:13 AM

    He’s going to DC. You can take that to the bank!

  59. beachsidejames says: Mar 3, 2017 8:29 AM

    Players like Marshall have lowered my interest in watching NFL games.

  60. bluedogmoon says: Mar 3, 2017 8:50 AM

    Brabdon is an excellent player. I hate to see him the the Jet Jets and would to see him explore the Patriot way, but regardless. Respect. Do you, I appreciate your play on the field. Thank you.

  61. razzlejag says: Mar 3, 2017 9:04 AM

    Patriots? BB will take a hard look at him (or a quick one). BB does not want a locker room distraction (see Jamie Collins) or any off the field issues (see Chandler Jones) so a Brandon Marshall signing will be carefully vetted.

  62. tigerlilac says: Mar 3, 2017 9:12 AM

    Does Marshall block?

    Can’t see Belichick letting a guy jetty to NY every week to go on TV and talk out of school.

    Brady abhors dropped passes.

  63. psousa1 says: Mar 3, 2017 9:20 AM

    I’m sure his agent will be on the phone w/BB but it will not happen.

    Chad Ochocinco, Joey Galloway, Reggie Wayne sound familiar?

    You cannot teach and old receiver new tricks.

  64. kfoyo808 says: Mar 3, 2017 9:41 AM

    Trade for Cooks – sign Marshall. Problem solved at WR next year for Eagles, Cooks-Marshall-Matthews top 3 is damn good. Major weakness to major strength.

  65. grumpysal says: Mar 3, 2017 9:42 AM

    I love the Denver fans who are now crying for them to bring Cutler back…years after they crucified him as being the problem with their team! You just can’t make this stuff up.

  66. kfoyo808 says: Mar 3, 2017 9:44 AM

    Robbie Anderson becomes fantasy stud for NYJ next year. Only human being who could catch anything.

  67. ravensbob says: Mar 3, 2017 9:49 AM


  68. supra23 says: Mar 3, 2017 10:05 AM

    I’d be surprised if Marshall went to NE, his relationship with McDaniels was not great.

  69. patsfiend says: Mar 3, 2017 10:16 AM

    No thanks (Pats fan.)

  70. savethebs says: Mar 3, 2017 10:18 AM

    I’m sure his agent will be on the phone w/BB but it will not happen.

    Chad Ochocinco, Joey Galloway, Reggie Wayne sound familiar?

    You cannot teach and old receiver new tricks.


    Randy Moss sound familiar? He doesn’t need to learn new tricks. He’s already good. And has been for a long time with crap QBs. They’d be dumb not to at least call his agent.

  71. jquaste says: Mar 3, 2017 10:49 AM

    Am I missing something? I know Marshall had a reputation before he went to Chicago, but has he done anything detrimental to a team since his earlier days? I’m not saying he hasn’t, but I just haven’t really heard anything negative about him in years. All that I’ve heard from him the past couple years has been support for whichever QB he was stuck with. Again, I may be missing something. I’m not from Chicago or New York.

  72. tylawspick6 says: Mar 3, 2017 10:57 AM

    inside the nfl on line 1

  73. somethinghappeninghere says: Mar 3, 2017 11:27 AM

    Go to Patriots, Brandon–I mean, you have never helped your team make playoffs, right? Your team has never been to playoffs, right? Therefore, if you go to Pats the Pats might not make playoffs, right? Now of course Brady can make any receiver great, even divas like you, right? And of course Brady won’t put up with your diva-ness…yep you just might grow up for a change if you go to Pats..but will you make playoffs if you do? Cameron Wake finally made playoffs in 2016 (but he is not diva)…who knows maybe you will to? (Not that you deserve it…)

  74. tedmurph says: Mar 3, 2017 11:29 AM

    I thought Marshall going to the Pats was intriguing at 1rst. Still a great player. Can be an erratic person, but the Pats have had other bad actors and kept them under control for the short term. Dillon, Moss, Bennett, etc. He could be an upgrade over Amendola(cold, I know). But, I thought the post about McDaniel was a great point. Josh is probably standing on a table in Foxboro screaming,’NOOOOOO…’

  75. jjackwagon says: Mar 3, 2017 11:44 AM

    Judging by his numbers 2015 to 2016, he fell off the cliff last year.

    Some team that needs depth at WR will probably take him for the Vet minimum, beyond that he better start looking for a talking head position.

  76. trajan2448 says: Mar 3, 2017 12:44 PM

    Belichick offered him 3 hots and a cot
    and he’s considering it.

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