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Chuck Pagano on future: “We’re all on one-day contracts”

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Technically speaking, Chuck Pagano has three years left on his contract.

But the Colts coach and cliche-master said Thursday he knows his leash is shorter than that, and perhaps one-1,095th that long.

“I think we all understand the expectations that come with this job,” Pagano said. “We’re all on one-day contracts. That’s how I look at it. We’re going to work hard, roll up our sleeves, like we always do. Every season is different; every team is different. Again, we have a lot of work to do, a ton to do. My focus is on that.

“Control the controllables. Throw it out there, start the new year with you guys. There are things that I can control and there are things that I can’t control so I’m going to focus on the things that I can and go to work on that.”

Thursday was his first appearance since the Colts fired former General Manager Ryan Grigson and replaced him with Chris Ballard, and Pagano said the obligatory stuff about being grateful for the time spent with the former and looking forward to getting to know the latter.

But he also has to know that a year after being tied-at-the-hip to Grigson with extensions a year ago, he has to prove it to his new boss that he’s worth keeping around, and capable of better than 8-8. It may not help that Ballard has emphasized a patient approach to roster-building (as opposed to the wild and wildly unsuccessful free agent spending by Grigson).

“We know how we are judged and it’s by wins and losses — 8-8 the past two years is not good enough,” Pagano said. “The standard is the standard; the expectations are what they are. We are never going to be satisfied until we get back to where we need to be. We have a lot of work to do, but the objective always is to win.”

For Pagano, perhaps, more than anyone in Indianapolis this year.

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20 Responses to “Chuck Pagano on future: “We’re all on one-day contracts””
  1. waynefontesismyfather says: Mar 2, 2017 4:51 PM

    LOL!!! This guy. I am so glad he isn’t my coach, his act has worn thin on all of us.

    #chuckchuck after the 2017 season

  2. grumpysal says: Mar 2, 2017 5:07 PM

    That’s probably wise with that crack addict owner he works for – he might want to keep all his stuff packed and live out of an overnight bag too, just in case.

  3. wib22 says: Mar 2, 2017 5:14 PM

    Irsay just downed another bottle of pills.

  4. a1b24312 says: Mar 2, 2017 5:22 PM

    Irsay, gone tomorrow.

    Or maybe that’s just a bunch of Irsay.

  5. 6ball says: Mar 2, 2017 5:23 PM

    Chuck, The Patriots are looking forward to welcoming you and your pillow soft Colts to Foxboro in 2018 where we can all relive the lies you told resulting in framegate. Now, don’t go getting yourself fired before then, ya hear?

  6. ibillwt says: Mar 2, 2017 5:27 PM

    Not sure if he was in on the dirty tricks with Grigson’s falsified data entrapment scheme or not.

  7. razzlejag says: Mar 2, 2017 5:41 PM

    What a dope. He and Grigson combined to waste half of Andrew Luck’s prime. I was sorry to see Grigson go but glad CP is still around as Luck will continue to be just a guy.

  8. thegreatgabbert says: Mar 2, 2017 6:01 PM

    Chuck’s is stamped
    “Best before yesterday”

  9. harrisonhits2 says: Mar 2, 2017 6:42 PM

    “Control the controllables, lie about and conceal serious injuries to your star QB, pump in artificial crowd noise, deny science, all in a day’s work around here”

    Fixed his quote for him.

  10. nhpats says: Mar 2, 2017 6:43 PM

    Chuck is ready to run the swinging gate play again….in fact he wants to make it a mainstay for the offense

  11. midnightcusk says: Mar 2, 2017 7:32 PM

    Yah, if the horseshoes don’t hang another Playoff Participant banner soon, he’ll be done.

  12. ChampKind813 says: Mar 2, 2017 7:51 PM

    Ah bahahaha banner jokes will never end. Well scratch that.. if they continue to go 8-8 every year then they will eventually end. After Pagano is fired mid season,say hello to Coach Philbin Colts fans. So then and only then will your real problems begin. Gooood.. Luucckkk!

  13. quadya says: Mar 2, 2017 7:55 PM

    Yeah, not everybody Chuck.

    See: Sean P, Bill B, Mike T, M. Lewis, M. McCarthy, J. J. Garrett and J. Harbaugh.

  14. rodgerstonelson says: Mar 2, 2017 8:13 PM

    Chuck is in trouble, his punter retired. So who is left to bail out his team’s terrible offensive calls?

  15. streetyson says: Mar 2, 2017 8:37 PM

    For as long as Irsay is this ship’s owner (at least in any involved capacity), any other change is mostly just moving the deckchairs.

  16. The Dangerous Kitchen says: Mar 2, 2017 8:47 PM

    nhpats says:
    Mar 2, 2017 6:43 PM
    Chuck is ready to run the swinging gate play again….in fact he wants to make it a mainstay for the offense


    And defense

  17. ProFootballRealignment says: Mar 2, 2017 10:32 PM

    “He’s day-to-day… We’re all day-to-day…..”

  18. raidernation707 says: Mar 2, 2017 11:49 PM

    Damn get luck an offensive line, try free agents drafting

  19. richabbs says: Mar 3, 2017 10:46 AM

    Pagano knows Dave Toub will be coaching the Colts in 2018.

  20. vikeyvike says: Mar 3, 2017 9:37 PM

    Pagano is a good guy, but he’s one of those coaches who relies too much on his quarterback to bail him out (see also McCarthy and Tomlin). Still, I’m willing to see how he does with a GM who’s not Grigson. I won’t hold my breath, though.

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