Jack Del Rio’s Scouting Combine included lending his shoes to Randall Cunningham

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Raiders coach Jack Del Rio spent some time with PFT Live on Thursday, in an interview to be included in Friday’s show. A third-round pick in the 1985 draft, Del Rio provided a memory from his time at the Scouting Combine more than three decades ago.

Del Rio said he loaned his black high-top shoes to a quarterback from UNLV named Randall Cunningham for the 40-yard dash. Cunningham, Del Rio said, ran a lot faster in the shoes than he could.

The former USC linebacker spent a decade in the NFL with various teams, and he’s entering his third year as the head coach of the team he grew up rooting for. To hear everything Del Rio said (and Raiders fans will want to) click the video and grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage. (It can include alcohol even for the folks in California, since it’s after 5:00 p.m. in Indianapolis.)

6 responses to “Jack Del Rio’s Scouting Combine included lending his shoes to Randall Cunningham

  1. Hehehe. The “somewhere ” Raiders fans are FINALLY ready to pay for my lunch every day. It was terrible for so long, paying to eat. Jack Del Rio will be your JaMarcus Russell except he won’t hurt your cap, just your bank acct. He’s not a head coach. Big contracts are here, gonna pay em all Jack? Let’s just see how he and his manage this cluster….. (baby kicking puppy heard in background).

  2. Jack will never live down the humiliation of being shown the door in Denver and to watch Wade Phillips come in, take his exact same players, and overnight turn them into SB Killing Defense. Does it still sting, Jacky?

  3. I remember watching Del Rio play with the Chiefs and even though I was and am a Raiders fan, I admired the way he played.

    He was a sideline to sideline player who couldn’t keep weight on because he was so active.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

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