Jerry Jones’ daughter has forbidden him from tweeting

Getty Images

Powerful people with Twitter accounts can certainly be entertaining, even if not always productive or particularly safe.

And that’s why the daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressly prohibited him from signing up for an account of his own.

Cowboys executive vice president and brand officer Charlotte Jones Anderson said during an interview on 105.3 The Fan that her experiences on social media were enough to convince her to not let her father or brother (executive Stephen Jones) sign up.

“Well the others are not on it because I do not trust them to be on it,” she said with a laugh, via the Dallas Morning News. “I am in charge of the brand so I’ve gotta have just a mild bit of control. So it’s a good thing they don’t know how to do it so that I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to wake up to unlike the others that frequent our locker room.”

Jones Anderson said she signed up to monitor the actions of her kids, but frankly, what her father might tweet out is probably far more frightening to her. (#gloryhole)

She admitted when she first signed on, she was a little shocked by what she saw.

“Absolutely. And scared to death of it . . . in that order,” she said. “Shocked first then scared second. It’s amazing to me the things that people want to share with people, and the people that think what they share is actually interesting. That a whole other conversation.”

And one she has no plans to let her father anywhere near.