Leonard Fournette isn’t worried about his “water weight”

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Leonard Fournette isn’t heavy, he was just thirsty.

The LSU running back weighed in at 240 pounds at the Scouting Combine, heavier than he expected and five pounds more than his listed weight in college.

“No, it was surprising,” Fournette said, via Jim Kleinpeter of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I drank a lot water before I weighed in. It’s water weight. It went away completely.”

We’ll find out today when he runs his 40-yard dash if he’s right, as Fournette said he expected to run “somewhere around 4.4.”

If he does, that combination of speed and power will be hard for teams at the top of the first round to pass, and Fournette said any concerns about his size overshadowed the full package he brings.

“A lot of people think I’m just strong,” he said. “Some people say I lack speed, lack burst. Tomorrow will show it all. I can play at 230, 225. It doesn’t matter. Either size, either weight I’m still fast, still the same.”

Fournette showed signs of being an Ezekiel Elliott-level dominant back as a sophomore, when he ran for 1,953 yards and 22 touchdowns. His numbers were down last year because of an ankle injury and sitting out LSU’s bowl game, but if he runs well today, any concerns will be flushed away.

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  1. Maybe after a couple years in the NFL him and Eddie Lacy can do some Weight Watcher commercials together. Vince Wilfork says its water weight too. Jk. Hope the kid does great! We need a few more star RB’s in the NFL most of the others are pretty up there in age.

  2. Fournette’s ideal playing weight is probably 225-230. He’s sacrificing speed for an extra 10 pounds of power/bulk that he doesn’t need. Law of diminishing returns.

  3. The guy at the combine that scouts really need to be watching is Samije Perine. A solid (not water) 230+ who hoisted 30 reps at 225. He could fall to the 2nd round simply because teams having higher needs at other positions and would be a steal at that point.

  4. Samije Perine…He could fall to the 2nd round simply because teams having higher needs at other positions and would be a steal at that point.

    Could fall? Probably a 4th-6th rounder.

  5. Leonard took some bad advice to sit out a bowl game because of the draft. That team player thing is important in the NFL. I think some will question that.Plenty of good backs this year too.

  6. Comparing this guy to Eddie Lacy is absurd. Fournette is a freak athlete who is far different at 240 than Lacy is/was. Not saying he will be good or great, but to throw the implication out there that he is a plodder is nonsense, watch the tape.

  7. I’d be concerned about his attitude and lack of preparation. He’s had months to prepare for what may be the most important job interview of his life and he STILL shows up overweight?

    He’s a talent for sure and may be as strong as Marshawn Lynch, but this is a red flag. The NFL has a way of spitting out the busts.

  8. I’m predicting 4.62 and 4.67. At 240 lbs if he runs 4.4 i’ll eat my laptop. I wouldn’t touch this guy in the first round.

  9. I’m predicting 4.62 and 4.67.
    If that happens, he still has an NFL future. It will just be as a LB.

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