Trumaine Johnson signs $16.7 million franchise tender

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Some players dislike the franchise tag, but Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson is just fine with making a guaranteed salary of $16.7 million this season.

Johnson has signed his one-year, $16.7 million franchise tender, Peter Schrager of NFL Network reports.

The $16.7 million Johnson is scheduled to make for 2017 would be the second-most of any cornerback in the NFL this year, behind only the $24 million Josh Norman will make in Washington this year between his salary and bonuses. It’s still possible that Johnson and the Rams could work out a long-term deal, but if not, Johnson is guaranteed that base salary, which works out to about $983,000 a week for all 17 weeks of the regular season.

The Rams took Johnson out of Montana with a third-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Last year in Los Angeles he started 14 games, and the team views him as an important part of what it hopes is building a winning team after many years of losing for the franchise.

20 responses to “Trumaine Johnson signs $16.7 million franchise tender

  1. Todd Gurley averaged 3.2 yards per carry last year. I cannot think of another “great” RB that has ever averaged that little… even in their later years. Does that mean that Gurley was on the worst offense out of any high caliber RB? Or, does it mean that Gurley is a lot closer to Trent Richardson than AP?

  2. Can he throw? Can he catch? Can he run? The worst offense in the league shouldn’t be throwing mega-bucks at corner, however good he is. Look at Revis Island in the good years and how many championships he helped the Jets sniff for all that money. Revis had to join a team with a top offense for one year to get his ring.

  3. @nathan

    Don’t see what that has to do with Trumaine Johnson

    But seeing how you brought it up

    Jerome Bettis’ 1994 and Marshall Faulk 1995, for starters.

  4. Wow thats a lot of money. Also it shows how overpaid Norman is. Although, I am not one of those people who think Norman is overrated I think he is a great player but severely overpaid.

  5. Malcolm Butler will be salivating when he sees this. His stats were better than Johnson’s. The Pats are going to have to pony up big for him.

  6. Motley – I stand behind my point that Gurley is Trent Richardson or Darren McFadden. After Gurley stormed onto the scene 2015… he averaged less than 4 yards a carry his final several games of 2015. That is a sub 3.5 ypc over the past 18 games.

    If you take away his longest runs in his first few games of his rookie year he racked up in slop time…. she averaged less than 3.2 ypc in 2015 too. I get it… long runs are awesome and count on the stat sheet. But, I would like to have a RB that can impact the game in a positive way 20 times a game versus 1 time every 5 games. Would be nice if he could stay on the field on third down too.

  7. “But, I would like to have a RB that can impact the game in a positive way 20 times a game versus 1 time every 5 games.”

    Gurley developed some bad habits last year, a narrow field of vision, lack of patience and he wasn’t seeing the holes when they were there.

    I get the frustration. Obviously, more is required of him.

    I still say his natural talent on display at Georgia and his first year with the Rams wasn’t a mirage. The potential to be really good is still there.

    For the Rams, Jerome Bettis still stands as the ultimate cautionary tale on souring on a young RB too quickly.

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