Texans sign their kicker and their punter (now just need a QB)

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They may not have what you’d call a starting NFL quarterback on their roster at the moment, but the Texans have made sure they have a special teams meeting.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans agreed to deals Tuesday with kicker Nick Novak and punter Shane Lechler.

Novak might have been their offensive MVP last year, hitting 35 field goals. And Lechler has been a steady performer, a seven-time Pro Bowler, and the kind of punter you generally don’t have to worry about.

Considering the other elephant in the personnel room for the Texans at the moment, that’s about all you can ask.

8 responses to “Texans sign their kicker and their punter (now just need a QB)

  1. These two and the defense bought us 13 wins a year. The Bil O’Brien offense and coverage/return teams have cost us 4 wins a year. I approve of these signings.

  2. Does it seem odd to anyone else that we have heard nothing from Ostweiler who has been the subject of enormous criticism? What is he doing? The media gives the impression that he is pouting. It’s clear that some players respond differently to coaches yet teams often dismiss the human part of the equasion. O’Brien is “in your face” and brutally blunt while some players have fragile egos (Ostweiler?). Brady responds well to hard coaching; Garoppolo appears to as well. Mallett did not. The best QB will do poorly if he detests his coach – a factor that should be considered in bringing a QB to Houston. Romo apprenticed under Parcells; Garoppolo under Belichick. Neither is a risk of becoming a pouting failure. Houston like all teams needs to match the skills, talents and personality of their QB to their HC, QB coach and OC.

  3. I think Lechler, who might be the best punter ever, is a little better then someone ” you generally don’t have to worry about.”

    He was 6th in the league in average last year. …still getting it done at a high level.

  4. Brock Osweiler played like a first year starter almost always plays. He is still young enough and has the physical tools to improve, IF he is coachable. We’ve been led to believe that he’s kind of not. That doesn’t mean he isn’t. I think you need to give him another training camp and preseason in open competition with Tom Savage (who I think actually has more potential) for a few reasons. One, you can’t afford to cut him at this point. Two, the competition will bring the best out of both quarterbacks, or it should. Three, there isn’t really anyone better ready to step in and start right away.

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