Dolphins got a call or two, but don’t plan to trade Jarvis Landry

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Miami receiver Jarvis Landry has been the subject of trade talks, but only to the extent that the Dolphins said no when teams called to talk about trading him.

That’s the word from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, who reports that the Dolphins got a call or two about trading Landry but are not going to trade him.

Teams frequently call around to ask if a particular player is available, but most of those calls don’t actually turn into trades. It’s useful for teams to find out who might be available on other rosters, and talking about trade terms can give teams an idea of how other teams value certain players. It sounds like those were the kinds of calls that were made about Landry.

There have been reports that the Dolphins might be willing to move Landry, a talented receiver whose 288 catches are tied for the most in NFL history in a player’s first three seasons but who has also had his share of penalties and mental mistakes. From all indications, however, Landry will be the Dolphins’ No. 1 receiver again in 2017.

31 responses to “Dolphins got a call or two, but don’t plan to trade Jarvis Landry

  1. NEVER trade this man for anything less than a kings ransom! He is to todays team and fans what Dan Marino was in his day.

  2. They need to call the Browns and pawn off D Parker for 2-1st rounders and 2-2nd rounders

  3. No way my Dolphins will be so stupid, although he won’t finish his career with us, you can’t trade him… Eventually he will be playing with Odell Beckham Jr, in New York

  4. He has the talent to be a top-five receiver. Unfortunately his contributions on offense are one dimensional with nothing but short crossing routes and bubble screens, which is Miami’s fault, not his.

  5. I would rather trade my 12 and swap first round picks with the dolphins for Landry than jimmy g all day !!!

  6. Jarvis Landry is a very nice player. He’s a great slot WR with a lot of heart. He’s also great after the catch in that he’s almost a RB. But he’s short, slow and offers nothing downfield. I think any trade talks are a result of how much his future contract is going to cost. Paying a slot WR a ton of money isn’t a great idea. It’s a tough spot for Dolphins fans since we love him but not sure how much he’s truly worth.

  7. I admire how hard Landry plays the game. I’d love to have him on my team. You don’t have to question his heart.

  8. I’m a Dolphin fan and if it were up to me I would’t trade him, but with the idiotic and selfish things he does on the field sometimes I wouldn’t be upset if we moved him.

  9. To those who say he doesn’t get the most yards, the most TDs. He is not the number one, break for the endzone receiver you think he is. We have (Had) Stills for that. Landry has a job, cross the middle, take short passes for long runs, etc. He’s a slot receiver and a damn good one. Watch some of his plays. He’s dynamic and dependable. Haters on here-LOL!

  10. I’ve seen it all. He is in no way comparable to Marino. And for a player who demands the ball, he has 1 TD against NE in 6 career games. Win lose? 2-4.

  11. Landry is more than just a talented young receiver he is “juice” got that nickname because he brings energy and creates excitement to his teammates. Trade him and you lose his production and you the “juice”

  12. phinatic29 says:
    Mar 8, 2017 8:20 AM

    The Pats are old news. The Dolphins own the AFC East now.


    How so? Pats had one of the best defenses last year to go along with their obvious offensive capabilities. Dolphins are waaay to inconsistent to have ownership Baltic Ave never mind the AFC East.

  13. How can anyone definitively say trade him, or don’t trade him without even knowing what the return is? If a team offers up a 2018 1st, and a 2017 2nd & 3rd, I think you would have to strongly consider that, especially when you factor in the available money to sign another impact player.

    Isn’t that the strategy the Patriots employ (and cheating, of course)

  14. Already one of my alltime fav Dolphs. Would be very angry if this happened. Love it when he lowers his shoulders and knocks defenders into the stands. A definite leader that has a lot of JUICE. Love him to bits

  15. He’s arguably the best slot receiver in the NFL. Every team needs one and he’s consistently proven to be a tough, clutch receiver.

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