Eagles cut Connor Barwin

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Eagles pass-rusher Connor Barwin offered to take a pay cut.

The Eagles declined, and took it all away.

The team announced they had released the veteran outside linebacker/defensive end.

Switching defensive schemes reduced his impact (he had 14.5 sacks in 2014), but the 30-year-old should still be able to find work. But the $7.75 million in cap savings was more important to the Eagles at the moment.

24 responses to “Eagles cut Connor Barwin

  1. Connor Barwin and Vinny Curry account for something like 10% of the Eagles cap space.

    7.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 38 tackles total between those two, ugh.

    Our whole D-Line underwhelmed this year, when it was supposed to be simpler going back to a 1-gap system (Schwartz will babble his way out of it, I’m sure) but I’m NOT surprised with Curry’s lack of performance… Eagles fanbase is infatuated with him because of hometown loyalty but he’s had simply one okay-to-good season in his five years at Philly.

    Now we need talent and sounds like we lost Bouye, yeesh.

  2. Cobra- I was with you until Bouye. That dude is about to get WAY overpaid. I’m fine with not getting into another Byron Maxwell situation.

  3. cobrala2

    To say we were infatuated with him because of hometown loyalty would greatly disrespect the community service he did in Philly. He was an incredible part of the community, raising money for a park and holding concerts to benefit other community endeavors

  4. He was fantastic 2 years ago in a 3-4. Still has plenty in the tank – hope he signs in a good system for him. Will go down as one of my favorite Eagles ever, genuine people like that don’t come around often

  5. This is a tough one … because almost every article about a free agent has several Eagles fans screaming to sign him. What do they do now?

  6. I’m not sold on Bouye, btw – my fundamental point is we have a very low ROI with those two guys.

  7. Enjoyed watching him, one of those guys that gave it all on the field. Best of luck to him wherever he signs.

  8. As a GIANTS fan I can definitively say that this guy is a major thorn in the Side.

    I am surprised that they let him go. He gets a lot of pressure on QBs.

    Watch him go to the PATs, he is Tailor-Made for a team like that. Bellichik would LOVE having him there.

  9. questionableopinion says:
    You could see the Packers making this kind of move. Move Clay inside a bit more and have Barwin and Perry rushing the passer.
    If has hangs around on the market for a few weeks — and I have my doubts — he may be the kind of guy Ted goes after.
    However, with rare exceptions TT doesn’t participate in the early feeding frenzy of free agency, preferring value guys he can pick up later on. He also has several of his own guys he’s trying to keep in the fold.
    Connor Barwin would help the Packers, but only at the right price, and only if he were still available in a few weeks or months (as with Jarod Cook last year). I’m not sure Barwin will be on the market that long, and can probably get more than Green Bay would offer.

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