Gerald Hodges will visit Kansas City

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Free agent linebacker Gerald Hodges will visit the Chiefs, a source told PFT.

Hodges, 26, had his best NFL season in 2016 for a 49ers team that struggled. Hodges played in 15 games, started 12 and set new career highs with three sacks and two interceptions.

The Vikings traded Hodges to the 49ers during the 2015 season. The Vikings drafted Hodges in the fourth round in 2013.

Now Hodges is a free agent for the first time. He’s started 26 of 54 career games and has only missed five games over the last three seasons.

7 responses to “Gerald Hodges will visit Kansas City

  1. Chiefs could certainly use the help, their run D was not good and got even worse when DJ went down.

  2. Funny as crappy as the niners were in 2016 their free agents are getting scooped up faster than lightening……bethea, smith, dawson probably hodges before the end of the day. What are other teams seeing that the niners dont??

  3. “…Other teams are seeing how to win. 9ers can’t see what they have with the storm that they brought on themselves..”

    This is a hilarious comment. Not reflected in their records, may be other teams were even worst compared to 49ers last year.

  4. The Niners defense didn’t have as many holes as it seemed. Chip Kelly’s offense left that D on the field for 40 minutes per game and those guys got demoralized after a while.

    No Chip Kelly D-defense is good because of the fast paced college offense he runs. At Oregon they gave up 50 points a game.

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