Falcons wideout Eric Weems heading to Tennessee

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The Titans are apparently serious about improving on special teams.

According to Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com, Falcons wide receiver Eric Weems is heading to Tennessee.

Weems was never really a factor on offense, catching one pass in the last two seasons for the Falcons. But he was a special teams captain there, and has created a 10-year NFL career out of it.

The Titans have also invested in a pair of Oakland special teamers, signing Daren Bates and Brynden Trawick yesterday.

Those aren’t high-profile signings, but considering the itinerant nature of special teams, getting guys who are good at them can make a big difference.

7 responses to “Falcons wideout Eric Weems heading to Tennessee

  1. “Falcons wideout Eric Weems heading to Tennessee”

    Since he had zero receptions in 16 games last year and his only work was kick returns, shouldn’t it be “Falcons special teamer Eric Weems”?

  2. Tennessee is drafting Jabril Peppers… they’re ramping up their special teams. Peppers fills a need on ST and in the secondary.

  3. Special teams have been a huge weakness for the Titans ever since Mike Munchak fired ST coach Alan Lowry after the 2012 season. Lowry had a lukewarm season that year–not bad just not rock solid like the previous decade. And for that he was fired? Either that or there’s an untold story out there. After all, Lowry was never snatched up … by ANYONE.

  4. Apparently great teammate and high effort guy. That doesn’t change the fact that he has horrible judgment at times and runs like his shoes are full of lead weights.

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