Giants aren’t splurging, but they did sign Rhett Ellison

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It’s not quite the aggressive start to free agency they enjoyed last year, but the Giants did spend some money.

Via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, they signed fullback/tight end Rhett Ellison to a four-year, $18 million deal, with $8 million guaranteed.

He has 51 career receptions, but that’s not really what he’s there for, as he’s primarily a run-blocker.

He came back from a torn patellar tendon in 2015 to play 15 games last season.

11 responses to “Giants aren’t splurging, but they did sign Rhett Ellison

  1. Ellison is a good player but I’m surprised he got that much money. The Vikings drafted his replacement in the sixth round last year.

  2. As a Viking fan, I liked Ellison, as he was the closest thing to Jim Kleinsasser that they had. However, the Giants way overpaid for him, especially coming off that injury.

    I actually wish the Vikings had kept MyCole Pruitt and parted ways with Ellison last year.

  3. Good signing by the Giants. Good blocker that would help any line. He is also a smart player. He would have been nice to keep.

  4. I am a Vikes guy, Giants you got a blue chip solid player, but it remains to be seen if he can block and play as well as he did before the injury. His performance last year was down, but if he gets back to what he was, he will be a good get, and you’ll like him. Good luck Rhett.

  5. The vikings apparently undervalued this guy. He wasn’t worth this kind of deal to them, but they should’ve known someone did. Could’ve traded him for a pick last season. Vikings stockpile te like no other team. Ill bet they draft at least two this year even though there are needs in other positions.

  6. Good guy, incredible blocker, but hands of stone and a step slower since his knee injury a year ago. That’s a lot of money for a blocking TE.

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