Mayock: “No official contact,” “no interviews” with Washington

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In response to the report that he’s a candidate to become the next G.M. in Washington, long-time NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has issued a statement.

“There has been no official contact between myself and the team and no interviews about the job,” Mayock said. “My focus and energy — as it typically is this time of year — is squarely focused on the NFL Draft and NFL Network’s coverage of that event . . . this year in my hometown of Philly!”

The response provides plenty of wiggle room, allowing for an inference that there has been “unofficial contact” between the two sides. Also, at no point does Mayock rule out the possibility of joining the team.

At most, Mayock’s message is that he’s staying put until the draft and that, after that, anything can happen. Regardless, there’s no outright denial lurking in Mayock’s statement, nor a claim that the report of candidacy is #fakenews.

22 responses to “Mayock: “No official contact,” “no interviews” with Washington

  1. As a close friend of the organization I really feel for my close friend Danny Snyder. He is really unsure as to what the heck he is getting himself into but truly means very well.

  2. If Mike Mayock gets a job with Washington or any other team, it’d be a great loss to the NFL Network and NFL fans everywhere. Love his insight, analysis and commentary on players in the NFL draft every year.

    What would Rich Eisen do without him?!?

  3. Well it would be less of a stretch then the 49ers GM.

    I think he should pass on this one, but I would be really interested to see what he could do for a team. The Skins job is just staked against the next GM. Having to work for both Allen and Snyder, with a coach you didnt choose… And what worst kind of time to come in that job. I think he better stay at NFLN.

  4. Not an ideal situation for Mayock. Hard to dispute his complete knowledge of college players though. As an aside, I think he did a terrific job the one season he did color for Notre Dame football games.

  5. Just don’t put him in charge of the draft. Look at his analysis 3 years after the fact and they are mediocre at best. Remember the man crush he had for Bobby Griffin?

  6. I think Mayock is the best in the business at what he does. He’d probably be a good GM too, if he worked for an owner who had half a brain. That rules out Dan Snyder, of course.

  7. Really really enjoy Mayock on NFL Network and would hate to see him leave. I know being a GM in the NFL is a dream job but with the state the REDSKINS are in at the moment I wouldn’t walk into that situation with a full body condom on.

  8. You should switch to disquss for comments. We could block the losers that have been posting the same retread crap for years, and not even have to bother with seeing it.
    You have some good people commenting here, but the trash ruins it for me.

  9. He has an existing contract and might want to be in a position to negotiate/re-negotiate a renewal. In those circumstances, its good to be able to say you’re wanted elsewhere … or to tell the Skins that NFLN wants to pay him more. His response sounded super smart.

  10. Mayock is not going to the Redskins. Pure flash by the organization to get people off of Bruce and Scot. Bruce runs everything…this is just a load. If you believe this your a sucker.

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