Where will Brock Osweiler go next?

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If George Costanza is T-Bone, then Brock Osweiler should be known as Hot Potato, given that the Texans gave up draft picks to unload his $16 million guaranteed contract for 2017. Now that Osweiler temporarily resides in Cleveland’s hands, where will he go next?

The Browns clearly don’t plan to keep him. The options are to trade him or to cut him.

If Cleveland cuts Osweiler, the Browns would get an offset for anything he makes elsewhere. However, as Tony Grossi of ESPNCleveland.com noted on Friday’s PFT Live, why would anyone pay Osweiler more than $775,000, the minimum salary for a player with five years of experience? Whatever Osweiler is paid, Cleveland pays the rest.

While this would reduce Cleveland’s total cost for a second-round pick in 2018 to $15.225 million (along with Cleveland giving up a 2017 fourth-round pick to Houston and getting a 2017 sixth-round pick back), there’s a way that Cleveland could reduce it even further. The Browns could give Osweiler the hot potato treatment, part two.

The Browns could ship him to a team like the Broncos (who were willing to pay him $16 million per year last season) for, say, $6 million. Like the Browns, which received a net gain in picks by picking up the contract, Cleveland could send a low-round pick in 2017 or 2018 to Denver to get them to take the contract and reduce significantly Cleveland’s financial burden.

Under that type of a deal, Cleveland would end up giving up $10 million in cash and cap space, getting a second-round pick in 2018 and a sixth-round pick in 2017, and giving up a fourth-round pick in 2017 plus whatever other pick they’d send to Denver to get them to pay Osweiler $6 million this year.

Of course, with Gary Kubiak gone in Denver, the Broncos may no longer want Osweiler. The Bills could be interested in Osweiler as a backup to Tyrod Taylor, given the presence of former Denver offensive coordinator Rick Dennison in Buffalo.

Other teams with connections to Osweiler include the Bears (John Fox) and the Dolphins (Adam Gase). The question is whether either would consider paying him $6 million and take a draft pick from Cleveland in return?

That’s likely the only way he’d be traded, making the guy who became the first player to be traded with his new team getting a net gain in draft picks also the first guy to be traded that way twice.

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  1. Or, if Cleveland is on the hook for $16M to cut him, they could call a team and say “here is your veteran back-up for $1M, we’ll pay $15M, send us a 6th and avoid fighting for him in FA.”

    The new team gets a better gamble than a 6th rounder cheap without lining up visits and competition nonsense.

  2. I’d be hiding under a rock somewhere If I were Osweiller.

    How does it work for an NFL team to trade with a CFL team…

  3. Cleveland packages the 12th picks, the 33rd pick, and Osweiler for Gorropollo and a 6th.

    Osweiler agrees to a new contract, sits behind Brady this year, plays in garbage time of blow outs and in the offseason gets dealt for a 2nd round pick.

  4. wow… how the mighty have fallen

    I remembered when Texans signed him… Obrien never even met the man….or worked him out…..before forking over the cash…

    Your head coach signs you sight unseen…

    9 & 7 or 10 & 6 forever…with decisions like that…

  5. Probably ends up on a team not in the QB discussions right now. He’s a back-up with starter potential. Chiefs? Steelers? Vikings?

  6. With so much going on today how do you have time to make up dumb a$$ ideas like BO going back to Denver who has 2 QB that they like and are going after Romo if he is released. My god dumb is dumb

  7. .
    It actually would not surprise me to see Osweiler thrown into any deal with the Patriots. Perhaps if he had a year of working with Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady, he could resuscitate his career. He does have some talent, but was ill prepared for the big money / high pressure scenario in Houston.

  8. artliedtocleveland says:
    Mar 10, 2017 3:10 PM
    I have an inside source in the Browns organization. He is telling me that there is package of Brock O and a second round pick for Jimmy G that is close to being finalized.


    Given there is no evidence of Garoppolo being better than Osweiler, the Browns sure are gambling.

  9. This story gets more ridiculous by the minute. Is there any question why Cleveland has been the joke of the NFL for the last 30 years? It should be obvious after this bizarre trade deal.

  10. People keep asking why the Browns did this and is this a 2nd rnd pick worth 16 mil.
    A: yes, yes it is. Because otherwise, that 16 mil sits there in the forever lasting Browns cap savings account and it’s of no use there.
    After cutting RGIII, the Browns are back to the most cap space in the league. That’s still. well, okay. 😉

  11. Pats aren’t taking him no matter. It’s unreal we are even talking about a mediocre QB being guaranteed 16 million and nonteam wants him. It is like a fantasy. Bet he hasn’t even packed a bag yet. LOL. I would take him as a back up at league minimum once he is cut.

  12. Why is Osweiler being made out to be a goat? He may have known that he was being over-valued by the Texans but when somebody hangs a contract in your face with those kind of numbers, you’d have to hate yourself not to sign it.

    Now he’s become no more than a pawn in this trade game that leaves him and his agent laughing all the way to the bank.

    He’s made big time bank that will easily ease the pain that his legacy will suffer from all this craziness.

  13. 64 Qb’s. I find it hard to believe if he’s cut he is going to get vet min.

    Name 64 QB’s in the league better than this guy? He’s a ok backup. He’ll get 1-3 years at 2-4 million a year from someone.

  14. Brock’s a smart guy. He cashed in for like 30 million$$$$$$$$ and then he stopped playing football. I should be so lucky.

  15. loudpackmatt says:
    Mar 10, 2017 3:35 PM
    Patriots can take that 12th pick and shove it bc it’s not happening dream on!


    I dont understand. They are getting the pick to shove? Or its not happening?

  16. The Browns could (and probably will) do worse than keeping him – he’d be a step up on last season, and one of the better QBs since their 1994 last playoff win with Vinny.

  17. This is one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.
    Why not use the 15/16 million they have killed on their cap on adrian peterson or some other over priced free agent rather than a middle of the second round draft pick?

    Texans will probably draft a better player with their high 4th rd pick than cleveland does with their low end 2nd rd pick and we will all be laughing at cleveleland… again!

  18. Why would Cleveland cut him outright?! McCown is gone and they just cut RGme. Seriously, who is their QB? Rookie QB Cody Kessler played pretty well at times but got 2-3 concussions last year. He is the only QB on the roster!!!!

  19. Cleveland would keep him and put him through training camp at least if they had any brains in the front office. If he doesn’t pan out … you cut him and they’re not out any more money than they are now.

    do they really need more picks?

  20. No team that wants him will give him a min contract, Even though BO doesn’t get the money, it shows their faith in him. If you have no faith in him, then why sign him? They need to have skin in the game if they want him. Perhaps they could do a signing bonus with min salary, so he gets more than $16 mil.

  21. Maybe he could get a gig playing in the XFL! There are no teams any more but they have a web page!!!!

  22. They would be crazy to not to give him a go. He’s got to be better than RG3. They don’t have much to lose at this point.

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