Cowboys add pass rusher Damontre Moore

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Damontre Moore is heading to Dallas.

Moore, a talented pass rusher who has bounced around the league, is signing with the Cowboys.

Last year Moore managed just half a sack in four games with the Seahawks, and the year before that he had just one sack in three games with the Dolphins. But he entered the league with great fanfare as a third-round pick of the Giants whom many labeled a draft steal, and he showed promise with 5.5 sacks in his second season.

Moore was one of three moves the Cowboys made on Friday to bolster their defense, also adding defensive tackle Stephen Paea and cornerback Nolan Carroll.

11 responses to “Cowboys add pass rusher Damontre Moore

  1. Paea and Moore and downgrades in a huge way from Crawford and McClain. Smh. What a backwards move. Shoot I’d even rather have carr back over no-game carrol

  2. Trust me Dallas fans , if he gets the snaps he will get sacks . This is a guy that never got a fair shot in NYg

  3. Moore, a talented pass rusher who has bounced around the league, is signing with the Cowboys.

    Really, a talented pas rusher? He has 10.5 sacks in 49 games played…which averages to about 3.5 sacks per 16 games.
    More like a below average pass rusher.

  4. He’s flashed talent, but that’s his problem. It hasn’t been consistent. He hasn’t looked mature either.

    But he’s been one of those guys who’s been hyped his whole college and NFL career, and likely before that. Maybe bouncing around a few teams has matured him a bit. As far as his skillset goes, he could be useful as a rotational pass rusher in certain packages. He has, as previously stated, flashed some skills but nothing has been consistent.

  5. Talented pass rusher ? These reporters on this site don’t know much about football….those numbers say otherwise….hack reporting at it’s finest

  6. Remember when this guy picked up a Roughing the Passer penalty because he didn’t know that you couldn’t pick the QB up and drive him into the turf after he had thrown the ball three steps ago?

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