Devonta Freeman happy, understands contract talks “a process”

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The people who speak for Devonta Freeman sometimes say too much, and at the wrong times.

But Freeman himself wants it to be known he’s perfectly happy in Atlanta, and wants to stay there.

Via Vaughn McClure of, Freeman said he didn’t want to be traded away from the Falcons, despite some of the noise coming from those around him.

“This is coming out of my mouth: I definitely know I’m going to be playing for the Atlanta Falcons,” Freeman said. “This is the team I want to play for. I’m almost 100 percent for sure business will be taken care of because we’re all in this thing to win and have success.”

Of course, this is only an issue because his agent got the ball rolling with some hot-take comments during the Super Bowl, and then her husband/his mentor suggested on Twitter that Freeman should be traded if the Falcons aren’t going to pay him.

The running back is entering the final year of his rookie deal, and though he got a bump from $690,000 to $1.838 million this year, he’s still woefully underpaid after back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and scoring 27 touchdowns the last two years.

“When we talk about contract, we know it’s a process,” Freeman said. “We’re not rushing to get anything done or anything like that. It’s something you work hard for and bust your butt for. Of course, anybody wants to get rewarded. But me and my team, we definitely understand it’s a process. We understand the cap and the numbers, all the stuff that comes with it.

“On our end, we’re just patient. We’re just waiting for the right time. God knows my heart. I’m definitely doing this all to take care of my family and help others and even just put my family in a better situation. It’s nothing greedy or to be super thirsty like, ‘I need this; I need that.’ I don’t play the game of football for the money. I play the game of football for the love. But fortunately, if you do good in football, you get rewarded very well.”

The Falcons have suggested they eventually want to do just that for Freeman. And he seems to get that. Others haven’t been as patient.

13 responses to “Devonta Freeman happy, understands contract talks “a process”

  1. He went into the Super Bowl saying after they win he expects a huge contract.
    Didn’t win now wait , still making over l million hope he don’t blow out a knee or he is going to look foolish.

  2. Free is a model citizen and works hard. He’s going to be back and better than last year. He’s a victim of the RB position having less value now and the fact that there are a lot of mouths to feed on that offense. But the fact that Free is on the field is why many of those mouths are open in the first place…

  3. Yeah, so underpaid. I guess that missed block that cost the franchise its one freaking chance to finally wet its beak should bring the guy many extra millions. Whatever, man.

  4. Where was Freeman to pound out the win after that huge lead? In the week before SB 51 we had BS 1000, and the show-me-the-money demands from Freeman’s camp was just typical of all the anyone-but-the-Patriots hype that was crowning the Falcons: several websites had predicted Freeman would be SB MVP!

    They all seemed to ignore two points – that Pats have a top-8 D that is top-3 against the run, and that due to extra conditioning (that puts a lot of players, like Reggie Wayne, off, but was begun to meet those Q4s in Denver), the Pats always finish strong. Falcons players should spend more time hill-running and less time demanding more money.

  5. He isn’t even the best RB on the Falcons. Coleman is the more dynamic player. Better receiving threat and just as good of a runner.
    Let someone else over pay Freeman next year and draft another back that fits the scheme.

  6. Running backs really have to realize that they no longer drive this league anymore. For better or worse.

    I like Freeman, but at the same time his backup is also very good. He simply isn’t going to get a long-term, $10mil/year contract given those circumstances.

  7. I for one hope “the process” includes a look at some film. I’m pretty sure Hightower doesn’t blindside Ryan to force that fumble in the SB if Freeman just gets in his way.

  8. I can’t believe his family isn’t starving in the streets. He’s been struggling hard these last few years. Getting paid $700k a year to play a game is a real struggle yo!

  9. I’m surprised this website doesn’t think he should sit out going into the final year of his rookie contract. God forbid he risk injury and miss out on his well deserved huge payday.

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