Ronnie Lott urges Raiders fans to pressure NFL to keep team in Oakland


As momentum continues to build toward the Raiders securing the votes needed to move to Las Vegas, a former player who wants to keep them in Oakland has advice for Raiders fans who hope to stop the move: Keep pressuring the NFL.

“When I was a kid I understood what it was like to fight for something and that’s all we’re doing,” Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott told roughly 100 fans who gathered at a local hotel to protest the team’s intended relocation, via the San Jose Mercury News. “Keep up the fight, keep up the fight, I appreciate it.”

It’s going to take a lot more than 100 people showing up on a Sunday to get the NFL’s attention, especially with $750 million in free money in Las Vegas. Absent a viable proposal to build a stadium in Oakland with the Raiders and the league kicking in the same $500 million they’ll pay in Nevada, it’s going to be very difficult to stop owner Mark Davis from getting what he wants.

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  1. Got to love loyalty, especially from ex-players. The teams that move don’t deserve the loyalty, but I have to respect the fans and players who do their part to support what they love.

    Mark Davis, Stan Kroenke, the Spanos…they’ll never understand what it means to be a fan. If they’re not willing to give back to the team, they don’t deserve the love these fans put into it, and not just when they buy their overpriced merchandise.

    This Denver fan feels for you Oakland. Las Vegas Raiders sounds cool, but the Raiders aren’t the Raiders unless they’re in Oakland.

  2. For the sake of tradition and their older fans, I’d love to see the Raiders stay in Oakland — even though I get the economic reasons behind the team wanting to leave.
    What Mr. Lott doesn’t seem to understand is that legions of younger Raiders groupies don’t care where they play, or think it would be cool for the team to associate itself with Vegas.
    I’m afraid he’s fighting a losing battle.

  3. I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense. H. L. Mencken
    There is no welfare like welfare for billionaires.

  4. The coliseum is an absolute craphole. Mark Davis isn’t a billionaire. He doesn’t have much of a choice to make. St Louis made a solid proposal to keep the Rams. Kroenke was awarded LA because he had the cash and power. LA should have belonged to the Raiders/Chargers.

  5. The is a joke. There are high school stadiums better. The toilets overflow. It has a pee trough. There is the dirt infield. For the Raiders to compete they need a state of the art stadium and the $$$ it brings in. They need the stadium in the next few years. ASAP. Not the next few decades. If ever in Oakland. I am old enough to remember the Raiders the first time in Oakland. That was then this is now. Just Vegas Baby. Just Win Baby….

  6. .
    I’m an AFC East guy and don’t really know much about the issues. However, the Oakland Raiders were there in the early AFL years with Al Davis at the helm. They were the tough team from the tough town. It’s like moving the Packers to Branson Missouri.

  7. As a long time Raider fan I supported them in Oakland, Los Angeles and then back to Oakland. If there was some viable plan to replace the dump that is the Coliseum, I’d be all for it, but there isn’t and Lott’s group is just doing what all others have done in putting an idea on the table with no way to make it happen without Davis selling all or part of the team. That isn’t going to happen, so I’ve resigned myself to the fact they will move again, this time to Vegas, and I will accept it as did the prior moves. The city ultimately isn’t what represents the team. It’s the fans and history that make it what it is and the Raiders already have history in multiple places. Goodbye Oakland, Hello Las Vegas.

  8. They should work out a deal to share stadium with 49ers. It’s a ridiculous waste of money to need two new stadiums in the same region, and there is no need to move the Raiders out of that region. The current fans may not like Santa Clara, but it’s less than 45 miles away. Deal with it.

  9. “Got to love loyalty, especially from ex-players. ”

    Well, in this case Lott is part of the group who reportedly wants part ownership in return for the new Oakland stadium (at least that was their original plan) so it’s not exactly selfless on Lott’s part.

  10. Note to Ronnie…Fans have no ability to put pressure on the NFL about anything.

    If we did, there would be no games in London, preseason games would be free, kickoffs would still be kickoffs instead of commercial breaks, there would be full-time officials, OT would allow each team to possess the ball and score a touchdown…and I am sure I am missing a few things but you get the picture.

    Besides most fans outside of O.Co. want the Raiders to play somewhere else.

  11. Boot the bolts to Vegas.

    L.A. RAIDERS assume the rights to California and beyond.

    It’s called RAIDER NATION for a reason.

    Although, if they get a new stadium in Oakland, they need to stay.

  12. If NFL palaces were really that financially viable to the owners, you’d think someone could pass a hat at a Silicon Valley poker game and collect enough investers for an East Bay stadium.

    They’d own it free and clear, they would work out a lease to Davis for 10-12 games per year, and reap the profits from events scattered throughout the remaining 352-355 days a year.

    But if these palaces were truly as economically feasible as the NFL and it’s Gentleman’s Club try to make us believe, why don’t more of them build their own damn stadiums? They’d prefer our communities slash school funding to build them new digs?

  13. Oakland doesn’t need an NFL team. Los Angeles has proven time and time again that they are capable – look at how often teams have moved there!

  14. I’ll have to wait and see how a Vegas team affects my visits to LV during football season, but it will be interesting watching it unfold, so for that reason alone, I’m onboard with the move. I couldn’t care less about Raiders fans. If you want to see the dregs of society, go to a Raiders game, if you can stand the smell.

  15. It doesn’t matter what the fans want. It matters only what the NFL wants. If the NFL wants the Raiders in Las Vegas then the Raiders will be in Las Vegas. Just ask St. Louis and San Diego.

  16. I don’t think even Raiders fans living in Oakland actually want to live there. Ask all of them who would rather move to Las Vegas if money weren’t an issue and probably 95% of them would.

  17. Even Raiders fans hate Raiders fans. Contract this team (and CLE and JAX and IND and NYJ) and be done with it already.

  18. abninf says:
    Mar 13, 2017 7:17 PM
    I don’t think even Raiders fans living in Oakland actually want to live there. Ask all of them who would rather move to Las Vegas if money weren’t an issue and probably 95% of them would.

    You must really educate yourself, it is far more expensive to live in Oakland then it is to live in Las Vegas. Oakland is slowly becoming a destination for tech companies and high wage employees. Granted there is still some very bad areas but you also have your really expensive homes e.g. Oakland hills, Piedmont, Lake Merritt, Not sure where your from, but it’s safe to say you couldn’t afford to live in Oakland yourself.

  19. Truth is…California citizens and fans are the most taxed people in the country except for maybe N.Y. To keep deceiving the public into building billion dollar stadiums with public funds is a travesty and the NFL has to change it’s charter. Fact is, Kroenke, while having the money to do it himself is not a solid owner. He proved that in St. Louis. So, what the NFL is now allowing, is teams can be sold to the highest bidder and you now have new billionaires with new toys who couldn’t care less about fan loyalty, NFL traditions and history. How about the Alabama Jets, or the San Antonio Bears or the Memphis Bills. This is what’s happening long term. Fans in cities mean nothing to the NFL and it’s owners. Hello, it’s TV revenues..broadcast revenues. The number of seats they fill and hot dogs and $8.00 beers they sell is only extra icing on the cake. The Las Vegas Raiders sounds like a semi-pro team just as the Carson City Chargers do. Sad. Screw fan base…get the money!

  20. NFL…screw the fans…get the money. How about the Memphis Bills or the Alabama Jets. That’s what the NFL is becoming. Let’s get taxpayers money to build our stadiums. Yeah..right.

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