Browns reportedly have interest in Geno Smith, potentially as a starter

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The Browns haven’t identified their starting quarterback for 2017, but it could be someone who spent the last two years as a backup.

Geno Smith has drawn interest from the Browns and would be able to compete for the starting job in Cleveland, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Smith hasn’t started and finished a game since 2014, so he would seem more likely to be a backup in 2017. He has indicated that he’s willing to serve as a backup, and two teams that have shown interest in Smith as a backup are the Chargers and Giants.

But if Smith wants to start, Cleveland may be the only place where he’d get a chance. At the moment, the Browns’ quarterback depth chart consists of Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan and Brock Osweiler, with Osweiler likely to be gone before the season starts and Hogan not seen as having a legitimate shot at winning the starting job. So Smith could compete with Kessler in camp, and potentially beat him out.

But Kessler showed some promise as a rookie last year, and there’s nothing forcing the Browns to cut Osweiler, even though they traded for him more because they wanted the draft pick that came with him than because they wanted Osweiler himself. A Kessler-Osweiler quarterback competition might be better than a Kessler-Smith quarterback competition.

Meanwhile, there’s a suggestion that if Smith really wants to be a starter, he needs to do so in the Canadian Football League. Canada or Cleveland.

93 responses to “Browns reportedly have interest in Geno Smith, potentially as a starter

  1. Not sure how the Browns fans do it. THIS IS THE GUY THEY ARE LOOKING AT?


  2. If Hue has Geno as his starting QB after the RGlll experiment, then he’s not the QB whisper everyone says he is. The Browns may as well just move on with Gregg Williams as the head coach!

  3. If I’m a Browns fan, especially a season ticket holder, I wouldn’t be happy to hear a Jets castaway could be the next starting QB… let’s hear from some Browns fans – What do you think they should offer Pats for Jimmy G to try to get it done??? Would you mind seeing the #1 pick go??? I’m curious to hear some Browns fans opinions on the issue…

  4. The amount of press the Cleveland Browns get every off season is ridicules. Who cares? Until proven otherwise the way they go about team building is flat out stupid. They passed on Carson Wentz for what amounted to an extra #1 pick and bragged about it afterwards. Still without a QB they come up with a guy who is not only a lousy QB but a bad person to boot.

  5. Low risk high reward move. Sign him, let him compete, he probably won’t make the final roster anyway, but what’s the harm in seeing what he’s got?

  6. Why havent the Browns signed Garoppolo yet? You’ve collected Osweiler, your interested in Geno, heck why not completed the suck trifecta and sign Sanchez

  7. Browns only hope of luring a decent QB is luring Favre out of retirement and strapping his copper fit sleeves to all his joints.

  8. This is the best they can do?…must not like Kessler, who they raved about or the QB’s in the draft…..

  9. If I was the Browns, I’d DEFINITELY bring in Chase Daniel. I believe he’d EASILY beat out everyone else they have on the roster. I wouldn’t be upset if he came back to NO!

  10. The Browns have two of the first 12 picks in the upcoming draft, so all these other guys might just be competing for the job of interim QB. Geno Smith wouldn’t be the worst backup in the league.

  11. Now this is foolish. Oswieler isn’t Tom Brady but your already paying him this year. You’ve got to do better than Geno Smith by a long shot.

  12. While I’ve never been impressed with Brock Osweiler’s talent, this coming from a Broncos fan, surely he’s light years better than Geno Smith. Is the Browns front office going ‘Major League’ and purposely throwing the season for the 2018 number one pick as well? Because with Geno Smith as your starting quarterback you are basically saying that.

  13. Browns using Geno as leverage to get Belichick to part with Jimmy G.

    Bill, now fully realizing how desperate Cleveland is for a QB, responds by raising the price.

  14. You just bought that $40M per year line to protect….Geno Smith??

    That’s like buying a $50,000 truck and loading it with manure.

    I never thought I’d say this but PLEASE start Brock Osweiler.

  15. “The amount of press the Cleveland Browns get every off season is ridicules. Who cares? Until proven otherwise the way they go about team building is flat out stupid. They passed on Carson Wentz for what amounted to an extra #1 pick and bragged about it afterwards. Still without a QB they come up with a guy who is not only a lousy QB but a bad person to boot.”

    Easy there, Skippy. I will grant you the Browns have been historically bad in their quarterback pursuit since their return in ’99. That being said, who says Wentz is good? The knock coming in was accuracy and what do you know—he has been inaccurate in the NFL. Had four good hgames then the league adjusted. We’ll see, but I think Cleveland will prove out right there. Secondly, you are ripping them for Geno Smith based on a rumor. Not even a rumor really. Let’s see if that pans out as well. But, whatever, bash away if it makes you feel better.

  16. Awesome! I think Geno has plenty of upside, can be a quality starter and has excellent leadership skills. (Laughing MAO as I type)

  17. That’s why they are the browns! Hue tried single handedly to take over the RAIDERS and ruin them, with bad, desperate decisions! Geno? You got to be kidding me!! After you wasted money on RGme!!! I feel sorry for browns fans!!

  18. if we / browns start geno this year hue and sashi are done. i’d rather have mccown and chase daniels get us through the season as we try to find a franchise QB

  19. As a Bengals fan, feel sorry for Browns fans. We both suffer through constant hope and, alas, despair. I thought the guy who named the stadium The Factory of Sadness was genius. Now I think they need another nickname – The Island of Misfit Quarterbacks. Jeez.

  20. If they go with Geno Smith, then it is 100% clear their goal is secure a QB with the number 1 overall pick of the 2018 draft.

    The big QB talk at the combine this year was Sam Darnold, who wasn’t even at this year’s combine. If he is the guy they believe will be the next dominate QB in the NFL, and they’ve already endured 18 years of poop sandwiches at QB, then what’s one more year?

  21. They had the #2 overall pick last year, and they have the #1 overall pick this year. How many years do they need to tank before they start getting better and start signing worthwhile players?

  22. What do you think they should offer Pats for Jimmy G to try to get it done??? Would you mind seeing the #1 pick go???
    It’s not what the Browns feel JimmyG is worth, it’s what he’s worth to the Pats. If Brady got injured in preseason, no one would be surprised if JimmyG took them to 10-6 or 11-5 and a playoff berth, and if tendered next year the Pats could still get a 3rd-round compensatory pick. And after 3yrs training he’s fully ready to roll in a Brady-style offense if Brady retired next year and keep the Pats competitive – so his value as backup is far, far greater than your 1st pick. Anyway, if I’m the Browns now I’d start Osweiler (he’s the best they’ve had for a few years) and try to develop Kessler for a potential future franchise.

  23. This was the guy who was furious that he wasn’t drafted #1. In the end, he wasn’t even worth the 2nd round pick that was given for him. Hope you like Canadian Bacon Geno !!

  24. So their choices are Osweiler and Geno Smith… This is going to be another looooooooong season for Cleveland fans. They invested heavy in the O-Line to protect whjomever is going to suck at QB this year.


  25. This team isn’t going to win a super bowl this year. People are acting like all they needed was a QB and this is what management came up with. This is going to be a very young team who is just going to need a QB to go out there for 16 weeks. What is so bad with signing this guy? Believe me. They know they aren’t winning a championship with Geno.

  26. Osweiler clearly is not a popular guy. Note how nobody from the Texans or Broncos said a thing when he moved on. The Broncos had no QB at the time and still no teammate said they were sorry to see him go. Even if a guy doesn’t play well he usually has a few buddies who will say they’ll miss him. But not Brock.

  27. The Browns are doing this right, People are just reading the article and not actually looking at their situation.

    Most likely QB situation going into Browns training camp is this.

    Cody Kessler – The third best rookie QB out of the 2016 draft class of about 3 million QB’s. His completion percentage and QB rating were HIGHER than the guy that they could have picked with the #2 overall pick last year (Carson Wentz). The Browns are winning that trade so far just based on that.

    Underutilized young draft bust with potential – Whether it be Geno Smith, Colin Kaepernick or someone they trade for much like with RG3 they have nothing to lose by taking this person because they’re going to get them cheaply and that person will have to earn their spot.

    and finally a high 2017 draft pick – Cleveland has the ammunition to do a Kevin Costner and get the highest graded defensive player 1st overall and move right back up and get the highest rated QB in the same round of the same draft (if they even need to).

    How anyone can see this is a negative is beyond me. This should be the “how to” in building a team from scratch.

  28. If they sign Geno, then they plan on tanking in 2017. The problem is they have a lot of draft picks. If those picks do well then it will hinder tanking. If they have a bad draft, they are a hopeless organization., having squandered all that material.

  29. Just when the Browns look like they are moving forward they consider a move putting them right back at the back of the pack. I guess they figure its easier to get top draft picks than to compete for a championship.

  30. It’s clear what Cleveland wants to do. They want to lose as much as possible to put themselves in a position to draft QBs Darnold or Rosen next year.

    Every move they’re making leads to this conclusion. I bet they move some of their 2017 picks for even more 2018 picks. I could see them trading one of their seconds (33?) for a team’s first next year. They are acquiring the ammo they will need to move up to draft one of the franchise QBs next year (if they aren’t in a position to do that with their own pick).

  31. So people are criticizing the Browns over a RUMOR that they MAY be interested in Geno Smith and POSSIBLY as a starter. Okay…

  32. This is the ridiculous ‘analytics’ model as evidenced by the Philadelphiz 76ers, and also by the Underpants Gnomes.

    1: Get bad players so you can intentionally tank year after year after year to pile up high draft picks.
    2: ???
    3: PROFIT!

    And look how well the system has worked for the 76ers.

  33. Where is the mob with the pitchforks and torches?
    Browns fans deserve better than this.

    Or will it take a human sacrifice? Surely someone can get their hands on Joe Buck or Kenny Albert.

  34. Yet another example of why this time of year is called silly season. This rumor likely came from Smith’s agent. This is similar to the rumor that the Steelers were trying to sign Pryor, which they immediately denied. Until Cleveland has a QB, they will be linked to every available QB in the league.
    As to the price Cleveland is believed to be offering for Garappolo. I expect that they will offer a second round pick in 2017 and a conditional 3rd ( that can become a 2nd) in 2018. They may make the conditional pick a first round pick should Garappolo meet certain performance standards like starting 16 games and passing for 4500 yards.

  35. I am minded of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s line in The Queen as he watched the royals repeatedly bungle Diana’s death: “For God’s sake, will somebody save these people from themselves?”

  36. You obviously didn’t watch any Texan games last year. Osweiler is not useable. He can’t play at a pro level, they had to use Tom Savage for god sakes. Kessler will be the starter next year anyway, if only he had a stronger arm he could be a solid qb. Smart kid, accurate passer, good under pressure just doesn’t have the arm strength to get it done. Especially when that Lake Erie wind starts whipping

  37. Did you ever wake up in the morning, turn on the computer, read the headlines, and wonder whether you were still in bed having one of those really strange dreams you have after a really stressful day? It must suck to be a Browns fan

  38. Are you kidding me, Browns? The ONLY, and I mean the ONLY, thing Geno Smith has ever done IMHO is to consistently beat the Dolphins in Miami (he’s from there, naturally!) Too bad you don’t play the Dolphins this year–otherwise signing him might be a good idea.

    But since that isn’t happening–are you kidding me, Browns? Every team makes stupid moves (yes even the Patriots occasionally), but, again–are you kidding me, Browns?

    I’m really starting to feel sorry for Hue Jackson!

  39. Definitely coming from Geno’s camp. I mean, the Browns would be much better off with Osweiler than Geno Smith honestly, and he’s paid for already.

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