Jon Gruden thinks Trubisky could handle the pressure in Cleveland

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It’s not hard to get ESPN analyst Jon Gruden to say something nice about a football player, especially one that comes to do his television show.

So it’s hardly a surprise that he showered praise on North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, and said the Northeast Ohio native would be well-suited to handle the pressure of leading his hometown Browns.

“That would be fun to watch,” Gruden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s from Mentor, Ohio, Mr. Football (in Ohio) that would be quite a story. I showed him a lot of tape today of Ben Roethlisberger.

“I showed him a little tape of Joe Flacco. World champion quarterbacks in the AFC North, and the one thing the Cleveland Browns have not been able to solve is the quarterback and I think he could handle it. I also know that it would be a lot of pressure. They have to give him better support than they have right now, I know that.”

Gruden worked with Trubisky on the field and on film as part of his “QB Camp” series, and had positive reviews of Trubisky. He admitted concern about a one-year starter in college, but said he thinks “he’s going to be a real steal for somebody.”

“I’m concerned,” Gruden said of Trubisky’s 13 college starts. “I’m no different than a lot of coaches that say ‘I want a three-year starter. I want a minimum of 24 victories. I want two bowl wins.’ (But) I want a good quarterback. That’s what I want. I got kicked out of the league because I had a hard time sustaining at the quarterback position. Trubisky is one of the top quarterback prospects in this draft, period. I wish I had more to study, but that’s the way it is.”

The Browns have the first and 12th picks (and a lot of others) at the moment, so there’s ammunition to make a move for Trubisky if they want, even if they go #asexpected at take Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett first overall.

13 responses to “Jon Gruden thinks Trubisky could handle the pressure in Cleveland

  1. If they take the guy they better invest some of that wealth of draft picks in a bigger and more physical O-line. Don’t want the kid to get himself killed out there.

  2. If they are serious about drafting Trubs, they would have been well served to resign McCown as a mentor and one year stop gap. That they didn’t suggests they are going to set the places and plate the dinner before seating the head of the table. #ScamforSam

  3. Whoever starts for Cleveland this year will have a better shot, since they have upgraded the O-line in free agency. Living in NC, I saw a ton of Trubisky last year. He’s going to be a good pro. He’s accurate and doesn’t turn the ball over. I’m not sure if he is ever going to make a Pro Bowl, but he’s not Geno Smith or Johnny Manziel, either.

  4. The number one fear is public speaking and the number two fear is death. So, according to Seinfeld, if you’re at a funeral, you’d rather be the guy in the coffin than the guy giving the eulogy.

    True, but the list of fears has shifted. Number three is death. Number two is public speaking. And the number one fear is being drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

  5. Being one of the top prospects at your position doesn’t mean anything if all of the prospects aren’t very good. There are 4 potential top pick qb’s in next years draft and more likely than not, garoppalo and cousins on the free agent market. How about getting a solid return on your draft picks and not wasting time with projects that won’t be ready for another year. the browns aren’t winning 10 games this year. They really going to pass on a guy like darnold or Rosen because they used 5 picks to trade up and get an inferior talent like trubisky? This is what bad teams do.

  6. Out of the top 3 rookie QB’s last year, only 1 was picked in the first round. One of them is currently on the Browns roster.

    So tell me how good Gruden, Mayock, Kiper and guys like them are at predicting how good QB’s are again?

  7. jimmysee says:
    Mar 14, 2017 6:30 AM
    If they take the guy they better invest some of that wealth of draft picks in a bigger and more physical O-line. Don’t want the kid to get himself killed out there.
    C’mon Jimmy. Pay closer attention.

  8. if my brownies can come away with trubisky and malik hooker in the first round I will be one happy camper !

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