Calais Campbell: I felt I could add more value to Jaguars

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Defensive lineman Calais Campbell’s brief time as a free agent featured some intrigue as initial reports he was headed to Jacksonville were followed by word that the Broncos were making a late push to sign him.

Campbell ultimately wound up with the Jaguars, which led Broncos cornerback Chris Harris to make a Twitter post about players not trying to win a Super Bowl that appeared to be directed at Campbell. Campbell told Robert Klemko of that he saw Harris’ tweet and that he believes “the rest of the world doesn’t see Jacksonville the way I do.”

Campbell pointed to the amount of one-score losses the Jaguars picked up last season as a sign that the team is close to breaking through. While the money couldn’t have hurt in the final reckoning, Campbell said that he feels he can play a big role in making that happen.

“Playing with Von Miller was a big temptation,” Campbell said. “He’s going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Playing next to a guy like that is a positive, because you feed off a guy like that. That would have been cool. Also, being home would have been a good situation. But you look at the division the Jaguars are in, the AFC South, and the players they’re bringing in, and I felt like it could be an opportunity to go out there and leave my mark on a young team. I didn’t want to go to Denver and just be one of the guys, which is cool. But I knew in Jacksonville I could add a lot more value.”

The Jaguars also signed cornerback A.J. Bouye and safety Barry Church to a defense that already looked pretty good on paper. It’s not the first time that the Jags have emerged from free agency with optimism, though, and they haven’t been able to keep it up once the games started in the past.

24 responses to “Calais Campbell: I felt I could add more value to Jaguars

  1. The Jaguars will be okay in 2018. For 2017, Bortles is still their quarterback and he is a train wreck. Even his mediocre numbers are a byproduct of garbage time soft defenses.

  2. If Chris Harris is one of those players who wants to win a Super Bowl, then why is he in Denver?

  3. Chris Harris sounds like a loser to me. That’s what some people said about Reggie White when he signed with Green Bay. Instead of jumping on for a free ride with an already winning team, Reggie helped carry the Packers to a super bowl, and turned them into champions. That’s what winners do.

  4. “All the money in the world couldn’t make me play in that dump known as Jacksonville.”

    I love comments like this. As if someone offered you $10 million a year to go play in the middle of the Louisiana swamps and you wouldn’t hastily pack up your double wide and be rolling out within the hour.

    With no state income tax, lots of beaches, warm winter weather, there are far worse places to be than Jacksonville. Like Cleveland.

  5. artliedtocleveland says:
    Mar 15, 2017 10:01 AM
    All the money in the world couldn’t make me play in that dump known as Jacksonville.


    Yeah….Cleveland is a real paradise….

  6. I love when players sugarcoat the truth when they sign big dollar contracts with sub par teams. If he, as well as all other free agents that signed there, as well as ones who signed in Cleveland, Philly,etc, are strictly going for the money grab-not where they really believe they can actually win. I respect the player who turns down bigger paydays to play where teams are good not just spending ridiculous monies because they have to to avoid getting fined for cap violations.

  7. Players who want a ring take less money to play for the Patriots not the Broncos. The Broncos window has closed shut.

  8. I used to get all excited in the offseason for all the free agents home runs and jacked about the season……..

    This is just a place for free agents to come ‘get paid’….started with Bryce Paup and has been a revolving door of big contracts and underperformance… one dang free agent (besides Clyde Simmons, Natrone Means, Jimmy Smith, Keenan, etc,- from the wonder years) in the last 7 years who has done squat for Jax.

    Maybe Coughlin will light a fire. But I’m not skipping a fishing trip for this team again….

  9. So many haters for no reason.
    Your right Harris he should have went to Denver where you guys won a super bowl last year ohhh wait no you didn’t you didn’t even make the playoffs just like the Jags.

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