How much should the Browns offer for Kirk Cousins?

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The Browns are thinking about making a run at Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins. (Unless they aren’t.)

In the event they do, what should they offer? That’s our PFT Live question of the day.

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22 responses to “How much should the Browns offer for Kirk Cousins?

  1. Cousins is likely to be somewhere in the broad range between average to very good over the next few years. However, since he has already hit free agency and been tagged twice, he is now getting paid as a very good to great QB. He is also only locked up for 1 season and will be a free agent again next year.

    Considering all that, why would any team give up a 1st round pick or more for him just to pay full price to have him for just 1 season. Yes, it’s possible the Browns sign him to a multi-year contract as part of a trade, but that would be a full price contract. It is extremely rare (I can’t think of any teams that traded a 1st round pick or more to get a player on a 1 year (or longer) full price contract. It’s probably happened in the past, but it is very rare for good reason. Almost no player is worth such a trade with a full price contract.

  2. A first and a second round pick.

    Why not? They have a ton of high round picks the next two drafts, and will probably hit on more of the 3rd and 4th rounders than the top picks anyways.

    Is Cousins a proven commodity? He’s passed for 9,000 yards the last two years, with 5,000 from last season. 54 TD’s and 23 int’s over the two years. Again, I ask why not?

  3. None of the above. Lack of quarterback isn’t the Browns’ biggest problem. Obsession with quarterback IS. Just build a team and a quarterback will emerge.

  4. We’ll fist of all your reporting is wrong. Cousins, the skins and the Cleveland Plain Dealer shot down your questionable reporting.

    Second of all if by some crazy way you are right for once the skins should get back #1 overall, Brock Osweiler (with CLE paying half of his 2017 salary) and CLE’s 2nd round pick.

    If Cle wants a pro bowl caliber qb the skins shouldn’t just give that guy away to anyone.

  5. Only Redskin fans could think Cousins is worth a first round pick or more. A second round pick is more than enough for a very average QB that will be lucky to be holding a clipboard in 5 years.

  6. I’d sooner give up a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder, and QB Osweiller (half salary) for QB Cousins, than for QB Crap-a-load.

    Belichick knows what he’s doing and knows talent. He’s proven that he knows when to sell a player, and when to hold him. Snyder…not so much.

    However, I think the Browns should hold on to their picks and see what Osweiller can do. They still have too many holes to fill, and they’re on the hook for Osweiller’s pay anyway. What’s the WORST he can do….get you the #1 pick for next year???

  7. Why not bring Brain Sipe out of retirement, as he would be better than Cousins any day of the week and for god sakes Cleveland PLEASE do not run after the hack Geno Smith…. build a solid team and an average QB will drive the bus well.

  8. Nothing, because the Browns aren’t interested in a veteran QB right now. They want to build up the rest of the roster BEFORE adding a QB. Sure, Cleveland would probably be interested in signing a QB, as it wouldn’t involve losing any picks, but IT ISN’T GOING TO GIVE UP MAJOR PICKS FOR A QB THIS OFFSEASON. If you hear they they are interested in doing so, it’s just a smokescreen.

  9. I’d give a 1/3 for him. I’ll tell what I would do is give anything g for garrapolo that guy is a turd. The one chance he played he got hurt. At least with cousins you have film that he is a solid player. Mike shannahan was a genius following up the rg3 pick w cousins in the 4th. I remember all the flak he got for it he was just backing himself up after being forced to draft a guy he knew could t play.

  10. Let osweiler get banged around for a season if you can’t get your guy. Then again the most amazing thing he did was make deandre Hopkins invisible. Maybe he should’ve been a magician?

  11. They shouldn’t make an offer, and the media should just stop talking about it already. The Skins are not trading Kirk Cousins no matter what the offer is! There are no good QB options in the draft or in free agency, so why give up a very good player that fills the most important position on the team? Can we stop talking about it already?

  12. abanig says:

    Second of all if by some crazy way you are right for once the skins should get back #1 overall, Brock Osweiler (with CLE paying half of his 2017 salary) and CLE’s 2nd round pick.

    I think it’s funny that Browns fans are trying to figure a way, any way, to get rid of Osweiler.

    Just give the first and second and keep Ossy for yourself….

    Do you really think the skins would pay 8 million dollars to Ossy? Colt McCoy is a way better QB.

  13. Skins should definitely keep Cousins, the most complete quarterback they have had on their roster since maybe Brad Johnson. Back to back franchise passing records should say all you need to know.

    To PFT: could you please move the “Report Comment” Button from directly beneath the Thumbs Up/Down Buttons? I know my sausages are meaty, but have you seen how close they are to each other?? Maybe move it to the right side of the comment box? Food for thought, or not.

    Much obliged.

  14. Btw, the Skins let Brad Johnson walk in free agency a season removed from setting the franchise passing record as well. And he then won a Super Bowl with the Bucs. Go Figure.

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