Zach Brown set to visit Raiders

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The Raiders have added a pair of free agents to their offense this month, but they haven’t acquired any new faces on the other side of the ball.

That could change if they make a connection with linebacker Zach Brown. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Brown will visit with the team.

Brown ranks 48th on PFT’s Hot 100 list of free agents and is coming off a strong season with the Bills. Brown started all 16 games for Buffalo and finished the year with 149 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception. That effort landed Brown in a tie for a spot on the Associated Press‘ All-Pro second team and got him a trip to his first Pro Bowl.

The Raiders have lost linebacker Malcolm Smith in free agency and 11-game starter Perry Riley remains unsigned, so Brown’s arrival would fill a need on defense in Oakland.

25 responses to “Zach Brown set to visit Raiders

  1. Nooooooo! He is supposed to visit/sign with my Redskins! (c’mon Bruce and Dan, show us that your two half-brains add up to one functional whole)

  2. Underrated player, I am surprised he isn’t getting more action. He doesn’t have the big game experience of Hightower but will make a Team very happy and for much less money. He tailed off last year but that could be due to playing for a consistently bad franchise with constant change. Put him on a strong team with a strong D-line and he will excel. Steelers should give him a look, I don’t think they get Hightower. Raiders would be a good fit as well. Patriots need Hightower but could grab another Bill if Hightower signs with Steelers. Sorry Jets fans, I don’t care how much more they offer I can’t see Dante signing with that franchise.

  3. Ummm…Eagles? They’ve been actively trying to get rid of Kendricks. Only LB move they’ve made is resigning Najee Goode which will not exactly stop the world in its tracks. Gotta get a good one in their, with coverage skills since they have no CBs left on the roster other than one.

  4. Surpising that Raider Nation GOAT GM has yet to address his soft D in FA. Maybe that is why Gooooo Regggggie is 30-50 as the Raiders GM. Is he still calling the shots on personnel or is Marky Mark?

  5. silverandblack052099 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 12:11 PM
    They should be going aftet Dont’a Hightower!!!


    I am a bit surprised they haven’t at least been checking that out.

  6. As I look at the players coming to and leaving the AFCE, I see the Patriots and the Dolphins getting better. The Bills and the Jets, not so much. Well, phase 2 of the off season is the draft, let’s see what that brings.

  7. Let’s get the Carr and Mack contracts finalized first so we know how much cap space we really have. Can’t break the bank and end up losing either one of those guys.

    That said, Brown would be a big plus!

  8. To be extremely honest with ya’ll as a Bills fan…he’s a SERIOUS liability against the run! He’s good in coverage but a lot of his success had to do with Rex Ryan’s scheme…there’s a reason he didn’t have a break out year like that in Tennessee. Lorenzo Alexander also had a lot of success due to Rex’s scheme but having played in so many different programs over his career, he’s more adaptable and he can stop the run, along with rushing the passer. If ya’ll get him, he’ll help but you might wanna get someone else to help Mack stop those downhill runners.

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