Darren McFadden will remain with Cowboys

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In February, running back Darren McFadden said he felt like the Cowboys wanted to bring him back for the 2017 season.

He was right. The Cowboys announced on Thursday that they have re-signed McFadden to a one-year contract.

McFadden missed most of last season while recovering from an elbow injury he suffered while away from the team before training camp. He returned for the final three games of the regular season and ran 24 times for 87 yards.

The Cowboys had Alfred Morris and Lance Dunbar behind Ezekiel Elliott for the rest of the season, but Dunbar has signed with the Rams and there was a report earlier this month that the Cowboys are interested in trading Morris. Nothing’s developed on that front, but Morris may be heading elsewhere one way or another now that McFadden’s definitely coming back.

14 responses to “Darren McFadden will remain with Cowboys

  1. sign AP for cheap just incase Zeke get suspended for perhaps 2 games or maybe 4 and for security since its obvious this kid might go rogue any day now since he have some growing up to do. Have him share the rock with AP and Dmac can continue being that #3 guy.

  2. Let’s see the contract and how much is guaranteed. The draft has some good RB options on day 2 & 3.
    They need to use the money for the defense side of the ball.

  3. Has Run DMC fathered 20 kids yet from different women or has he slowed down? He’s was off to such a promising start in college. I thought he was going to eclipse Travis Henry by a mile.

  4. Good move with Zeke “Breast Hands” Elliot likely headed to a 2 game suspension for public assault and battery on a local parade bystander. Zeke, you should stayed in the bong shops pal. Less agra.

  5. Smart move by Jerrah with Zeke facing likely suspension for his public assault and battery on a parade watchers breasts which was captured on video (“I am not a smat man”). Cowboys will have to motivate McFaid a little. He really doesnt like to take the field.

  6. You could see this coming. They wouldn’t play Morris last year because he does not help in the passing game. When McFadden came off IR they said they preferred his versatility.

    I was thinking maybe they could release Morris and sign Peterson if he were willing to be a backup for a couple million, but Peterson is considered inferior to McFadden as a backup option because Peterson is similar to Alfred Morris at this point.

    I think Peterson only fits with a team that will let him be a “starter” but probably only get 10-15 carries while they rotate in an all-down backup and 3rd down back. And if he takes less than $3 million guaranteed.

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