Josh McCown heading to visit with the Jets

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As the backup quarterback market begins to churn, one of its elder statesmen is about to join the party.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, veteran quarterback Josh McCown is heading to New York to visit with the Jets.

McCown also has some interest from the Cowboys, who want somebody with experience behind Dak Prescott after they finally free the expensive hostage Tony Romo.

McCown has long been comfortable in the mentor role, but with the Jets, it’s hard to imagine him not being the best of the lot pretty quickly if he joined the Jets.

Neither Bryce Petty nor Christian Hackenberg has done anything to suggest they’re the future, and McCown has been a fairly steady player when he’s been given a chance to play on teams that weren’t wretched.

9 responses to “Josh McCown heading to visit with the Jets

  1. “McCown has been a fairly steady player when he’s been given a chance to play on teams that weren’t wretched.”
    But,these are the Jets.They are wretched.

  2. I like Todd Bowles. But it’s really beginning to look & feel like he won’t make it. And it’s because he doesn’t have a clue about the most important position on the team—–QB. He’s now just caught up in the death spiral of bringing in washed up, awful starting QB’s; who were never anything but serviceable backup QB’s. Sign Kaepernick for 1 year! he at least went to a SB and was routinely in the playoffs, when he had talent & a great coach around him. Or just draft Deshaun Watson and get out of his way until the next regime comes in and develop him.

  3. Hackenberg has yet to play in a year the Jets told everyone he was going to sit for a year. Guess what, he sat for a year. No one has seen him play so give a man a chance. McCown would be a great mentor.

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