Nick Foles content (for now) being a backup quarterback

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Nick Foles is back in the place where he was actually quite good.

But he insisted he’s fine returning to Philadelphia in a new role.

The Eagles brought Foles back on a two-year deal earlier this week to serve as Carson Wentz’s backup quarterback, and he seems totally cool with that.

“It doesn’t seem real [being back] because it really is that special to me,” Foles said, via Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News. “Going through the building today and seeing all of the faces . . . when you’re traded, you don’t get to come back and say goodbye. You text and you call and that’s really it.

“To have an opportunity to come back to a place where you developed so many great relationships and get to be part of that again, I’m excited to be in that position again.”

When Foles played the position for the Eagles, he put up sparkling numbers, with 27 touchdowns and two interceptions in 2013. But after being shipped out in the Sam Bradford trade, he never imagined coming back. And while he hasn’t replicated the success he found there in 2013, having him on hand seems like an upgrade over Chase Daniel.

Foles acknowledged that he’d like to have another chance to start somewhere, but with none of those avenues available, he decided returning home was his best bet.

“There was nothing out there,” he said of the starting-job market. “I want to continue to grow as a player. [Starting someplace] is the ultimate goal.

“Every quarterback wants to play and be in the huddle. But my role right now is to be the backup quarterback here and help Carson in any way I can. And I take that role with great pride and seriousness.”

And the Eagles are glad to have him back, as they have a guy with experience starting (and succeeding) in Philadelphia, which is something Daniel couldn’t offer.

7 responses to “Nick Foles content (for now) being a backup quarterback

  1. With QB dumpster fires in Cleveland, San Francisco, Houston, the New York Jets, Buffalo, and Chicago……if you weren’t recruited for a starting job now, then you probably ain’t never starting anywhere.

  2. Said it before and will say it again. There is absolutely no better job in the NFL than being a career backup QB. With the insane money being paid out to QBs these days it would be entirely possible to have an 8 to 10 year career as a #2, take no more than a couple dozen games of punishment that whole time and retire in your early 30s with good health and millions in the bank.

  3. Will be an interested QB battle. Wentz obviously has the advantage as the installed starter and his draft pedigree. Foles has shown he can get the job done. If Wentz hits the year 2 wall, I expect we could see Foles and expect he would perform well. The Eagles are in good shape QB-wise.

  4. Foles just landed one of the best jobs in the world. Getting paid NFL backup QB pay is going to make him a rich man. They have a very young, very strong stud QB who Foles can sit behind for many, many more years. No injuries. No concussions. Foles is a happy man. It’s a good idea to show you’re a competitor, and try your best to be the #1 guy, but Wentz has serious HOF potential. He could go down in history as the best Eagle of all time. This should be the beginning of a winning era in Philly, and Foles will play an important role. The backup QB is the second most important position on the team. If Wentz were to go down for some reason, Foles is more than capable. He’s actually a perfect backup QB. Howie Roseman is doing a good job.

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