Panthers re-do punter’s contract, gain some cap space

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The Panthers dealt a fourth-round pick for a punter with a big contract last year, and now they’ve made that contract a little smaller.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers restructured Andy Lee’s deal, peeling some of the money out of the deal to create more than $800,000 in cap space this year and nearly $2 million next year.

Lee’s existing contract called for base salaries of $3.43 million in 2017 and $4.13 million in 2018, but those were reduced to $1 million and $1.1 million. There were some workout and roster bonuses added back in, but his overall compensation is down.

Lee finished last year on injured reserve because of a hamstring injury, appearing in just nine games.

8 responses to “Panthers re-do punter’s contract, gain some cap space

  1. Pretty sad that you’re so mismanaged with the cap, that you need to re-work a punter’s contract.


    Hint: Stop overpaying. Good move to get Norman out of town, but I can’t say much positive about the rest of Gettleman’s salary allocation.

    That’s why he had to deal Ealy, too.

    Panthers won’t be making the playoffs yet again. They’re actually rebuilding, but as per usual, the GM there is fearful of making that fact too obvious since Carolina is a weak pro sports market. Fans don’t always show up and sell that place out every week.

  2. Lee will not last. His best days as a punter are behind him and the Panthers took a chance on him due to desperation. They needs to look at another punter and not Palardy and they were foolish for letting a more than adequate punter they drafted walk in free agency because Gettleman did nto want to pay him what he was worth and we all know Gettleman just can’t resist giving away draft picks to acquire used up retreads who can’t make it through a full season with wimping out. Another bonehead move by Gettleman. He needs to be fired.

  3. tylaws has absolutely no idea what he is talking about…..

    The cap is in great shape. He has been signing relatively unknown, under the radar players the last few years and has managed the cap very well. One thing we know here in Carolina is that Gettleman is cheap and he is only going to pay you what he thinks you are worth and not a cent more. If you don’t want to restructure then he will cut you.

  4. Maybe now he wished he’d tried to make that tackle while with Cleveland. It’s not just a cliche that everyone needs to be pulling in the right direction and he probably hand a hand in turning Carolina into a losing team. Congratulations Andy Lee.

  5. Once again Gettleman squeezes money out of an overpaid player whose contract was originally done by a desperate/foolish GM. He’s got to be one of the best at convincing players to take a pay cut. Well done, old boy, well done indeed! #AtlantaGaveUpA25PointLeadToLoseTheSuperBowl

  6. Way to strong arm one of the best punter’s in the game,
    into taking a pay cut, especially now that he was injured.
    Because, nothing screams loyalty than trading for a good
    veteran player, then screwing him over at first opportunity.

    Such a fine way to immerse new players into the ‘Panthers’ way ‘.

  7. tylawspick6 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 11:22 AM

    Pretty sad that you’re so mismanaged with the cap, that you need to re-work a punter’s contract.

    Looks like you fell off the turnip truck in Charlotte only yesterday. Lee’s contract was given to him by CLEVELAND, not us. We traded for him at the end of camp because all the guys we had in camp to replace Brad Nortman were awful. Then Lee got hurt and we had to go back to one of them.

    Lee is still one of the best angle punters out there, even if he can’t get the distance he used to. I’d rather have Lee than Parity or whatever his name is.

    This is probably one of those moves designed to increase cap flexibility in case someone gets injured and we have to bring in someone.

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