Wisconsin school officials don’t want Le’Veon Bell at their prom

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It was bad enough when the NFL suspended Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell for two games because of his DUI and marijuana possession arrests.

But now he can’t go to the prom.

According to Annysa Johnson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, school officials in Wisconsin said they won’t allow him to attend the prom which he promised to attend with a 17-year-old fan as part of a Twitter bet.

The Waukesha school district cited a policy which prohibits guests from the dance if they have been involved in drug, alcohol or violent criminal incidents, or if they’re over 19. There are other events around the prom he apparently can attend, but not the dance itself.

“You can Google Mr. Bell,” school spokeswoman Terry Schuster said. “We have to be equitable in the way we treat our students. We don’t even know if this is a real commitment.”

Ava Tarantino, 17, has been a Steelers fan for years, and met her favorite running back during a road trip with her family. A Twitter friendship ensued, and when she asked him to be her prom date if she could get 500 retweets of the request, he obliged after upping the ante to 600. It has since been retweeted over 2,000 times.

“He said he’s coming for sure. I’m so excited,” Tarantino said.

Tarantino’s father said while he understands the policy, he’s disappointed for his daughter and impressed with Bell’s willingness to honor his commitment.

“But I think, in this case, he’s a celebrity. He’s not her date,” he said. “And I think the fact that he’s agreed to do this and to bring his family, speaks very highly of who he is as a person.

“I’m hoping we can come to something that would be beneficial for everybody.”

Bell said he was still coming, and bringing his mother and girlfriend to help with Tarantino’s makeup for the event, even if he won’t get to dance with his “date.”

84 responses to “Wisconsin school officials don’t want Le’Veon Bell at their prom

  1. Pfffft, not because they’re cheesehead homers? Surprised they let the girl come, she’s a Steelers fan.

    He could just buy his own prom.

  2. Good for him! Totally understand the school’s position based on having reasonable rules to make sure the prom has a good environment for everyone who attends. I’m sure the school will work something out that makes this a great night for all.

    NFL needs more players to act like Bell. (post DUI and weed possession of course)

  3. What’s the big deal? Just more of somebody sticking their nose where it doesn’t need to be. Let the girl have her dream Prom instead of making such a spectacle of the situation!

  4. Wonder how they will treat the out of state boyfriend from Washington or Colorado? What Bell was busted for is legal there. (Not the DUI!). It is still a Federal offense in both States but no one is prosecuting. Circumstances would be the same but the conviction would be missing. Is their rule biased making it OK for a “legal” user but not OK for the convicted user? I mean their definition is drug crime but in this case what is the difference?

  5. I just have this vision of Bell rolling up to a table of high schoolers with his crew, Animal House style:
    “Do you mind if we dance with your dates?”

  6. Putting his team colors aside and any shady off field stuff, this is really cool of him to do for a fan. It’s stuff like this that will build an empire of fans. Pretty awesome he’s bringing his mom and girlfriend, etc, should be an experience of a lifetime for his ‘date.’

    And I get the hard stance by the principal, wasaaay back at my prom I don’t think you could invite a 26 year (or however old Bell is) to a prom, so that’s understandable

  7. Good policy.

    Adults attending proms is creepy at best and this guy is a terrible example to the students in every area of life but the football field.


  8. Wait…..So this 17 yr old girl’s father would be ok with a 25 yr old taking his daughter to prom?? Uhhhh….As a dad myself….Hell no.

  9. It is very sweet that Le’Veon Bell agreed to this bet with his new friend and especially sweet he will bring his Mom and girlfriend too. It is also understandable that the school has rules regarding prom attendance. Our local HS has similar rules regarding prom attendance and prom dates, i.e. Must be a student in good standing at the HS or a local HS, if between 18 and 19, must be an alumni of said HS. No one over 19 can accompany a student to the prom.

    Full Disclosure — I graduated from a small co-educational, parochial high school thirty years ago, and if these rules were in place have the girls would not have had dates because all of the girls dates were 19 or 20 and none were alumni of the high school.

  10. So does this mean the school will “Google” every date someone is bringing from the outside?

    I’d say it’s a real commitment when LeVeon is saying it himself.

  11. I like that school’s stance on this and I also appreciate Bell’s commitment despite the school’s stance. And, the fact that Bell is bringing his mother AND girlfriend to help with the girl’s make-up, etc. making this whole thing a family affair… very nice.

    9 and a half times out of 10, I’m either on one side or the other but this is a rare case for me in which I view both sides as correct.

  12. Sorry but even if it’s a sweepstakes, having adult men other than faculty at a prom is just creepy and wrong.

  13. RussianBreadMaker says:

    Mar 17, 2017 7:04 AM

    The article title is quite misleading. Rules are rules.
    The title is correct. If this was J.J. Watt or Aaron Rogers, no one would be quoting rules–they’d be rolling out the red carpet. Get real, we all know what this is.

  14. That he’s still making the trip and bringing his mom and gf to give this girl a great day/story/memory shows what a class act Mr Bell is.

    These school officials are such homers. You don’t think they’d make an exception if Jordy Nelson was doing this?

  15. I could care less if they let Bell attend or ban him but I’m willing to bet next month’s mortgage payment that if they drug tested the student population, the school officials could effectively cut the number of prom attendees by at least half.

  16. jmscooby says: JMHO, but if he has a girlfriend, he should defer the date out of respect for her…

    Meh. Mila Kunis went on a dinner date with a soldier and she was dating and/or married at the time. Bell is honoring a friendly bet to a fan, doesn’t mean he’d try and feel her up on the dance floor.

  17. ya leveon, good idea. instead of getting ready for the season, do this instead.

    seriously, it’s time for him to go. trade him for a first and a second round pick, call it a day. way too many distractions

  18. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Mar 17, 2017 7:54 AM
    It’s ok, he didn’t attend the AFC Championship game either.

    Neither did any of your team Chippy

  19. If Bell sincerely wants this to happen then it would behoove him to donate a sizeable donation to the schools athletic fund,money has a way of getting things done in todays society.

  20. “but if he has a girlfriend, he should defer the date out of respect for her”

    Since he simple wants to take her to a dance(prom) and not to bed then his girlfriend shouldnt mind the idea at all and it doesnt appear that she does.

  21. “I wonder if the school would feel the same way if it was Aaron Rogers instead?”

    Has he been arrested for one of things the school has as a reason for not being allowed to attend? If so, yes they would feel the same way. If no, possibly not

  22. clintonite44 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 9:08 AM
    If this was J.J. Watt or Aaron Rogers, no one would be quoting rules–they’d be rolling out the red carpet. Get real, we all know what this is.
    If this was JJ or Aaron they wouldn’t be the poor role-model of a drug-cheat and drug-DUI history, and they’d have known better or at least approached the school – who’d have been happy to instead make them a guest of honor, give a short speech, autograph some balls/jerseys, hand over a check for some sports equipment, and lead the festivities with maybe a single dance – oh, and the girl would have been disabled or being rewarded for some charity or other efforts. Basically, there’s a classy way to do it, and a creepy way (and bringing mom and gf doesn’t really un-creepify it). He should have just wished her well, and maybe paid for the limo ride and/or sent her a pair of game tickets or meet to sign a jersey at a preseasoner.

  23. It’s a trump world now. For that, I say no to men taking underage girls but it’s ok if an underage boy takes someone like genie Bouchard.

  24. PEOPLE this is a celebrity prom date. Celebrities and athletes do this all the time as a feel-good thing and PR thing. IT IS NOT A REAL DATE!!!

    stop commenting your concerns about the age difference and if a young girl is ready to be deflowered and all this other garbage…

  25. truthinesshurts says:
    Mar 17, 2017 8:14 AM
    Roethlisberger: ” Dang, why didn’t I think of that!”


    good one. unfortunately my Roethlisberger crank didn’t get through.

  26. Frazier28/7 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 10:03 AM
    those also don’t allow black coaches on their football team.

    Figures a vikings fan would reduce this to race. Sheesh.

    I know it Minnesota, men in their twenties go to High School Proms all the time. For the rest of the country it is not an everyday occurrence.

  27. Don’t even ask the school officials how they’d feel about Ezekiel Elliott attending the prom.

  28. He’s a player trying to do something nice for a fan. It didn’t need to get political. Yeah, he made some mistakes, but this gesture is not one of them.

  29. I understand the school’s position. For every harmless situation like this, there are ten situations involving students trying to bring their 25 year old druggie dates.

  30. Has he been arrested for one of things the school has as a reason for not being allowed to attend? If so, yes they would feel the same way. If no, possibly not
    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Aaron Rogers is older than 19 which is one of the rules they mentioned.

  31. truthbetold109 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 10:24 AM

    I know it Minnesota, men in their twenties go to High School Proms all the time. For the rest of the country it is not an everyday occurrence.


    Its a little different though if they are still in high school.

  32. Bell could just toss $5K into the prom planning fund, make a “star appearance”, announce the reason he was there, and dance one song with the girl.

    MTV cameras would soak it up, and you better believe NFL Network cameras would be there too.

  33. “sparxx2157 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 11:01 AM

    Say what you want about Bell but for him to honor his commitment that says a lot in my book.. great guy”

    Yeah because this isn’t the trendy thing to do right now.

  34. He got busted for weed… The school district’s policy is ANYONE involved in “drug related incidents, etc.” cannot attend. Pretty straight forward…. It’s the same for students, why should it be different for him? Idiots begin your arguments.

  35. A grown man shouldn’t be hanging around a high school dance. I approve of the school’s decision, especially the “over 19” rule.

    That said, it’s cool that Bell will still come over with his mom and GIRLFRIEND to help the girl with her outfit.

  36. listen….since the makers of the Monopoly board game have decided to replace the wheelbarrow, boot and thimble game pieces with a T-rex, penguin and rubber ducky, you know anything can happen.

    The wheelbarrow for a rubber ducky…..really?

  37. I know the NFL players have a rep for getting freaky, but some of you seemed worried about a scenario involving a player, an underaged girl, a girlfriend, and the player’s own mother?!? Jokes aside, Bell tried to do something nice and now the school is just grandstanding. They could easily bend the rules, let them have a dance, and then have him sign some autographs and pose for pics while under the supervision of the adult chaperones. Quite frankly, there’s a better chance of one of the adult chaperones doing something out of line than a celebrity who would have all eyes on him the entire time. Have they done background checks on the presumably adult aged band or DJ? Do we know if they smoked weed in the past? Lighten up.

  38. Anyone commenting on this being ‘creepy’ … is creepy. It says more about you than about Le’Veon.

    It’s not a grown man taking a minor to her prom … get a life. They won’t making out in the parking lot … he won’t be groping her *** on the dance floor.

    It’s a simple commitment to an innocent outing. I’d rather my daughter had gone with a professional athlete, than a d*uche her own age that was actually trying to violate her.

    The funniest and most ridiculous part of this story are the hypocrites that sit on school boards who smoke marijuana and have DUI arrests.

  39. you people are ridiculous.. I keep my pistol ready and visible for any new boy that my daughter brings, but a prom date with a her favorite player, on her favorite team..is no were in the realm of really dating a random guy 8 years older then her. And he’s bringing his family and GF fro christ sakes he obviously doesn’t think of it in that way either.. This is hardly the first time this has happened, but i have never seen the same pouring of negative responses.

  40. Seems okay with me. Not only is it creepy the fact that a grown man is going to prom with a underage girl over the internet he doesn’t exactly have the cleanest record. Why is it okay for him to take a girl to prom? Is it just because he’s a celebrity? So were okay with this?

  41. This comes from Wisconsin school who are probably Packer fans and had no problem with Mark Chumura in a hot tub with a 14 year old and Favre popping pills, texting his junk to Jenn Sterger while married.

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