Linebacker Jelani Jenkins visiting the Raiders

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The Raiders are involved in some higher-profile news at the moment, but they’re still trying to fill some lines on the depth chart.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, Dolphins linebacker Jelani Jenkins is visiting the Raiders this week.

The Raiders had brought in Bills linebacker Zach Brown for a visit, but he left without a contract.

Jenkins was limited to nine games last year because of knee problems, but he has starting experience, and was covered up in Miami when the Dolphins signed Lawrence Timmons and plan to play Kiko Alonso outside.

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  1. its hard to give you any info – if healthy hes very good, problem is besides the one great season, he hasnt been healthy and played poorly, i dont think he was playing healthy more than 3 games in the last 2 season

    not the most physical lb, but covers well, has range and good speed.

    would be a low risk high reward player

  2. mball13 says:
    Mar 20, 2017 10:53 AM

    Who? haha. Any Miami fans on this thread that can give some info??

    He’s a LB who was drafted by the ‘Phins. He played in limited games last year. You know the article pretty much says all of this stuff already. You should just read that.

  3. He is an above average LB. Played hurt last year, played stellar two years ago.

    Also any claims of Kiko moving to OLB is pure speculation.

  4. Miami losing Jenkins so they can sign Zach Brown (visiting Dolphins today, word is both sides very interested in getting deal done), I’d take that any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  5. Yes… he played well a few years ago. He is an average tackler in open space, but lacks the ability to shed blocks and make plays in traffic. He is an absolute liability in coverage. He was a Stud at Florida and had a slow start in his first year. However, he showed great promise in 2014 (82 tackles and 3.5 sacks) and 2015 was near that. He is a solid pickup and considered a starter for most clubs when not nursing a nagging Knee injury. I hope the Dolphins sign Zach Brown instead, but Jenkins is young, at par and a decent pickup for $2-3M.

  6. Nothing wrong with depth, and having guys compete for a roster spot (including Marshawn). I remember when we lost Phillip Wheeler to the Dolphins, and when he got hurt there, Jenkins stepped in and played great for them. No doubt there are time when he shows flashes of being great, but has not been able to be consistent. Since he is still so young maybe with some good coaching he might be able to do just that, and might contribute on special teams as well.Have to say playing behind Suh probably makes it a bit easier to flash as well since he is so dominant.

  7. Jenkins had a very good first year when Wheeler got hurt, then a very good second year in 2014. After that? He gut hurt and he was pretty much a wash after that. I would have no problem with Miami losing him, and what with swap with Raiders for Wheeler, I would not be surprised if Raiders picked up Jenkins. Both teams made playoffs last year but I think chances of Raiders making them again this year are more likely than Dolphins (provided Carr returns to form. Carr IS better than my Aggie homeboy Tannehill, but I still blame PhilBUM for screwing around with Tanny!)

  8. coming out of college he was supposed to be a heavy hitter, a physical player, but, he never got the opportunity for a variety of reasons including indifferent play. The Raiders have one already: Ben Heeney. Draft one Reggie or two.

  9. Thanks for the retrospective ZULU Agency; as a diehard Raider fan who hasn’t watched a Dolphins game in a few years, I’ve been wondering about this guy and exactly why he’s been rated so high on virtually every list of available free agent inside linebackers. Oakland certainly could use a speedy disruptive presence up the middle and I’d hate to see Reggie McKenzie using 2 early round draft picks on both an ILB and a young pocket-breaking defensive tackle. The only assessment that I find at all distressing in your synopsis is that Jenkins is “not the most physical” linebacker; a definite cause-for-pause in a league that has become increasingly pass-centric over the past couple of seasons. In fact the Raiders’ arguably greatest weakness is a lack of that physically disruptive presence that is capable of chasing opposing QBs out of the pocket before their receivers have time to get open downfield and in turn providing Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack (ad fingers tightly-crossed, Aldon Smith) that extra second they need to execute a sack or force an errant pass. I lost count of how many times Mack just got his hand on the QB as he was releasing the ball; a physical pass-rushing ILB with some speed and a disruptive defensive tackle would suddenly transform the Raiders’ perpetually criticized secondary into one of the league’s most productive.

    However, that being said, I have been a bit wary of Jenkins and the fact that he didn’t get signed in the first couple of days in this season’s “free agency frenzy”. I’ve heard from a number of typically trustworthy sources that a big part of the reason for Jenkins’ ongoing availability is that he’s simply asking for too much money and that his agent (like so any of late it seems) dramatically misread the current market for his client; limited in part, I’m guessing, by the fairly small sample size of just a single outstanding season and a historical propensity for injury.

    I was hoping that Reggie would be able to land Zach Brown during his visit last Thursday/Friday, however based on his (reactionary) tweet on is way out of the Oakland Raiders facilities, that appears to be a dream gone sour…based on his apparently childish reaction to what he seemed to perceive as having been low balled and insulted by the Raiders’ initial offer, I’m not sure we’d want this guy on the team anyway; particularly as a potentially negative distraction in an increasingly positive Raiders’ locker room. What did Brown think he was going to achieve when he posted that infamous “Outa here” tweet accompanied by a departing jet emoji? Doesn’t he realize that other prospective NFL GMs & coaches are following his movements & actions and would find his disrespectful remarks (that appear to have been hastily made shortly after his having walked out on a meeting with the widely-respected Reggie McKenzie) just as distasteful as the preponderance of Raider fans did? The only thing his arrogant & unproessional little quip likely has achieved going forward is a silent telephone. Either way, prima donnas are never a good thing to have around no matter how talented they may be and the Raiders are historically as familiar with this imperative as any team in the league.

    Here’s hoping that Jenkins and his agent have become a bit more realistic about his market value now that free agency is entering it’s 3rd week and that his reported visit with the team concludes with a signed contract.

  10. Reggie needs to wait until the Cut Down in Pre-season at this point to get the best players.
    This guy is a Clone of Menelik Watson. Two Games injured out for the year over and over.
    We need players who don’t miss games.
    They are out there, look at undrafted last year, look at the guys in Last years cut down that have good Stats, but wait for as good as we can get.

  11. @mistercue62 i wouldnt trust him to play ILB, he is a pure OLB. he really is at his best in open space making tackles and flying to the line of scrimmage. he can get lots of tackles for loss – i dont like him in traffic tho, he really struggles getting off blocks. so he si best suited behind a big heavy DL and playing sideline to sideline. he used to be good in coverage – unfortunately not the last 1-2 years BUT he was playing the last two seasons on 1 leg and with 1 arm

    so its a good gamble, you get either a player whos boom or a player whos body is worn down already at age 25 – id take the risk, he ll come cheap and word out of miami was also, he needs a change of scenerie

  12. He is a serviceable LB when healthy. I liked him early on but he did have an annoying habit. To me, it seemed like he looked to get blocked. I mean, you can see the hole a RB could use that he needed to fill or shoot through for the tackle but he instead looked to find a blocker to engage and often engaged a guy who was already blocking another Dolphin. He did that a lot early on. It is less of an issue now but it does still happen and that is no bueno for a veteran LB. Good luck to him and the Raiders

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