Suspended Josh Gordon trains with ex-Olympian

Josh Gordon

There is little sense in speculating as to whether or not this will be it, whether this comeback attempt from Josh Gordon will be the one that returns the uber-talented deep threat to the field.

That will come down to Gordon, if the NFL allows it.

But before potential reinstatement, it seems he’s putting in the work.

The suspended Browns wide receiver, who hasn’t played an NFL down the past two seasons, reportedly is training with speed coach Tim Montgomery, a former Olympian, in Florida as part of his effort to resurrect his career. Violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy have cost the 2012 supplemental second-round pick 44 games the past four years. He was suspended a 45th game in 2012 for a violation of team rules.

Gordon caught 87 passes for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 2013.

That came despite missing two games to a league suspension.

There is some off-the field relevancy in Gordon’s partnership with Montgomery. The latter is in position to mentor Gordon, having overcome his own pitfalls.

As cataloged by ESPN’s Dan Graziano,  Montgomery “served prison time after pleading guilty to possession and distribution of more than 100 grams of heroin in 2008 and was stripped of his medals and suspended in 2005 for using performance-enhancing drugs based on evidence gathered in the criminal investigation of the BALCO steroid scandal.”

Graziano cited sources who expect the NFL to determine Gordon’s status for 2017 “by late April or early May.” Gordon will turn 26 on April 13.

23 responses to “Suspended Josh Gordon trains with ex-Olympian

  1. sounds like he’s surrounding himself with the right people. Maybe he should bring in artie lang to be his life coach.

  2. Do the Browns still have the rights to Gordon? If he can get reinstated, he’s worth a one year deal league minimum for sure plus mega incentives. Good luck to him. I hope he can turn his life around and realize his potential in Cleveland or wherever his path takes him.

  3. Wow. He is training with a guy who is a convicted drug dealer and PED user.
    Just the right kind of guy he needs to be around.

  4. Cleveland has him under contract for two years. Each time Gordon is suspended for at least 11 games his contract tolls. Cleveland has no need to release him. As a suspended player, he doesn’t count against the 53 man roster and doesn’t cost a dime. I hope he turns his life around. He has the ability to be the greatest WR to ever play the game. He’s simply running out of time to realize that potential due to his demons.

  5. Just make sure you dont smoke that weed Josh, your allowed to take all the Norco’s and oxys you want for the pain but dont smoke that devils lettuce.

  6. It’s weed and beer why is this a big deal anyway. What do you think the fans are doing while we watch the game(especially us browns fans)
    It’s not like hes cheating or hurting anybody. Maybe you should stop advertising beer during the games while we’re designing this communism. “You mean he drank and smoked during his personal time?! Hang him!”

  7. “People keep asking about the concussions” “Hey josh Gordon smoked a doobie and drank a beer fans!! Look over there instead. And give us your money

  8. If I recall correctly, the last time he had got in trouble he had a drink on a plane with his teammates and didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed due to the pot issues. A one year suspension is really mind boggling, even with the past issues. A game or two for that would have been adequate. It wasn’t pot or drugs or even in public. Friggin’ Browns can’t get a break. If it were up to me I would give him one more chance and play him. We’ve waited this long and he’s got such freakish talent and size it’s worth the small risk at this point. Hopefully he has his head screwed on straight. In fact, I hope he realizes how badly he hurt this team and not only feels he has something to prove but also I hope he feels he owes the Browns something too. But one more screw up and he’s toast.

  9. The Browns would be a much improved team if they signed Kaepernick. His stats are deceivingly good. He also has two years of playoff experience.

    Another idea is to trade for MczCarron.

    Evaluating QB’s is one of the hardest positions to predict going into the draft. A small percentage of drafted QB’s end up being franchise QB’s.

    There is no reason to cut Osweiler when he can supply depth.

  10. Next Josh Gordon will be linked to Walter White, Ben Johnson, the East German and Russian doctors, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, and Lance Armstrong

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