Bills bring in former ESPN exec to work on public image


After the Bills fired Rex Ryan and benched quarterback Tyrod Taylor late last season, General Manager Doug Whaley held a press conference that left many feeling the franchise was being run in a dysfunctional manner.

Owner Terry Pegula took issue with that characterization at the time and it appears that the team is taking further steps to make sure that future dealings with the public don’t leave that impression.

Mike Rodak of reports that the team has hired Gerry Matalon as a consultant to work with members of the organization. Matalon was a longtime talent executive at ESPN who worked on developing on-air personalities and will be meeting with Bills executives at the league meetings in Arizona this week.

He will work with coach Sean McDermott and his role “might also expand” to advising Whaley, although recent reports have pegged Whaley’s job security as tenuous. The team has also hired a new head of communications this offseason, so they seem equipped to put up a better front should those reports foreshadow Whaley’s departure in the near future.

30 responses to “Bills bring in former ESPN exec to work on public image

  1. An ESPN analysis huh. That means he will spend his time bashing the Patriots.
    First thing he should do is distances themselves from the Bills mafia, that crew is a barrel of low lives.

  2. If he’s from ESPN, his strategy will be to imply racism in any negative story about the Bills.

  3. All the money in the world couldn’t change the public image of that town and franchise.

    Buffalo has never won a thing is never will.

  4. The Silver lining to this is that obviously the Pegulas have learned how PR works in the NFL in the sense that they need to improve their own.

  5. The fact that this was leaked or needed to be put out there means that the Bills still have issues with public relations. There is such thing as being too transparent…makes you look dysfunctional.

  6. You know what makes a franchise really look dysfunctional?
    Bringing in a PR consultant to eliminate the public impression that your franchise is dysfunctional.

  7. Let me get this straight… instead of bringing in players and personnel to change the image by way of winning…. they bring in someone to try and skew the image. Lol thanks

  8. ESPN?

    the entity that falsely put out that 11 out of 12 footballs were 2 psig under regulation, and then never had its reporter pull the false claim thereby fostering the deflategate saga is where the Bills turned to for PR advice?


    the Bills, dysfunctional permeates the organization.

  9. First move, hire Chris Berman to promote the team. Then hire Randy Moss and Cris Carter to argue about the team. And then hire Hbeck, Young and Dilfer to do nothing.
    Oh, and Suzy Kolber to try to keep everything moving along.

  10. It’s rather obvious that The Bills are run by amateurs. They just appear to be in over their collective heads. I feel badly for them.

  11. So, the Bills go from “Dysfunctional” to merey “rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling…”

    Okay. Got it.

  12. So an organization run by people who are serial liars bring in a guy from another organization of serial liars and plagiarists to help them out.

    Makes sense in its own twisted way.

  13. Can the Bills just move to St Louis already so we can get realignment and put a bully division in AFC East consisting of the Pats, Steelers, Ravens and everyone’s favorite doormat, the Jets? That would be great. Move the Colts and St Louis Rams to the North, ship the Dolphins to the South and leave the West as is.

  14. UB grad….he’s a talent executive, not an on-air personality… other teams have pros working to help with their public image?…..why all the fake outrage?

  15. The Pegulibles took our mediocre hockey team and drove them into the cellar. They are now in the process of doing the same with our football team. Now they have hired a guy from the death spiraling ESPN to try and make the two of them look less dysfunctional. Some day Terry and Kim will learn that you cant just keep throwing money at a problem to fix it.

  16. Billsfan; If he was any good as a talent executive why was he not already working for an NFL team? The Bills bringing in people to do a better job of running the football operations is an outstandingly great idea. Drastic changes are needed. This is just a continuation of the same thinking that has resulted in the team being in the position they are now in.

    Other great teams have gone thru periods where they struggled just as bad – or worse – than the Bills. This is not they way they recovered.

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