John Fox confident in Kevin White’s resiliency

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The Bears said farewell to quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery this offseason, which means they’re set to have a very different looking passing game than they have had for the last few seasons.

Mike Glennon is in at quarterback and the team signed free agent wideouts Kendall Wright and Markus Wheaton to catch his passes, but they remain hopeful that a holdover in the receiving corps can finally break out. Kevin White is that receiver and the 2015 first-round pick remains an unknown commodity after missing 28 of 32 games with leg injuries during his first two seasons.

White will be back for another try in 2017 and coach John Fox said on Tuesday that he remains confident that White will be able to bounce back.

“Obviously it’s not a great start to his career,” Fox said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I think he understands that greater than anybody. Because he’s been the one who’s had to deal with it. … I’m sure it has been frustrating. Anytime somebody is injured it’s frustrating for everybody — whether it’s fans, coaches, the player himself. But I think he’s a very resilient guy. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we drafted him. I think his makeup will prevail.”

Wright, Wheaton and Cameron Meredith (a team-high 66 catches last year) give the Bears some cover in the event that things go wrong for White again this year, but it would certainly be a positive development for Chicago if they started to get some return on a former first-round pick.

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  1. Steelers fan here, on Wheaton. He’s a good dude, never had to worry about off the field stuff with him, or really even on the field bad behavior either. He’s just a bit small but not by much. He’s also an excellent athlete who runs a 4.4 forty too.

    He does have a problem with one of his hands though, forget which one. He fractured a finger one year and it didn’t heal right. I heard him explain it once, he got the doctor’s order backwards. I think he didn’t exercise it when he was supposed to, something like that. But that finger goes in the wrong direction as all the others. Permanently messed up and it’s affected his play.

    I wish him all the best and I hope he does well for the Bears. He’ll pay hard and honest for them.

  2. The Bears will not miss Ashlon Jeffery for the last two years he has either been injured or suspended. He was not worth what they paid him.

  3. clashpoint says:
    Mar 29, 2017 11:50 AM
    He fractured a finger one year and it didn’t heal right. … But that finger goes in the wrong direction as all the others. Permanently messed up and it’s affected his play.


    Moral of the story: listen to your doctor’s orders or all your fingers will start going in the wrong direction.

  4. When your #1 WR has a steel rod in his leg and has missed 28 of the first 32 games of his career…it just doesn’t get much more ominous! The Bears offseason has been a train wreck, Pace basically punted free agency by signing a bunch of depth and fringe starters instead of reeling in even 1 of the top free agent playmakers he promised fans he was going to get after last season ended…wasn’t it something like “I hear you loud and clear Bears fans, you want legit playmakers and that’s what we’re going to get this offseason, We will have top 5 cap space and be aggressive in free agency”. I guess all that went out the window!!! This has to be the most boring, pathetic free agent group that I’ve seen in recent memory.

  5. White was staring to look like he was putting it together before getting injured last year (key word: “starting”). We’ll see what happens this year.

  6. Bears fans not confident in John Fox’s resiliency.
    Welcome to another building year. 8 and 8 looks so far away.

  7. Ryan Pace needs Kevin White to come up huge this year. His predecessor, Phil Emery, whiffed badly on his first 1st-round pick (Shea McClellin) and really was fighting an uphill battle the whole time after that.

    The problem is that even in the few games Kevin White did play last season, he looked nowhere near ready to be a contributor, much less the WR1 he was envisioned to be as the replacement for Brandon Marshall. He may be a couple of years away yet from reaching his potential and if the Bears flop again this year Pace and Fox might not have that much time.

  8. I wouldn’t blame White’s injury history on Pace – that was unpredictable.
    In fact, I remember one of the draft prognosticators, maybe Mayock, when asked who would be the star of this class three years in, the choice was Kevin White.

  9. Man, the worst part about this to me is that White is a great kid who works his butt off to get better. As a Bears fan, I want him to put it together and become what they drafted him to be, but even more so because he is the kind of person that the Bears need to build this organization around.

    John Fox is a d-bag in my opinion, and hopefully will be gone after this year, but this team was bad before he got here, and while the talent turnover is dramatic, they aren’t where they need to be. Pace has the right idea, and has been solid in his drafting for these first 2 years. But getting a kid like White back on track is crucial for the development of the team. He has (had) the physical attributes of Julio Jones (size, speed, quickness), but was still very raw.

    If he figures it out, and physically is back to where he needs to be, he could be a huge boost to this offense. Meredith, White, Wheaton, and Wright make for a nice group, especially when you add in Zach Miller and Dion Sims at TE.

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