Anthony Lynn: Joe Mixon is still on the Chargers’ draft board

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Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon is reportedly off the draft boards of at least two NFL teams, the Dolphins and Patriots, over concerns about the incident in which he punched a woman, seriously injuring her. But Mixon only needs one team to take a chance on him.

Perhaps that one team will be the Los Angeles Chargers, who brought in Mixon for a visit and say he’s still a player they’re considering.

“We just wanted to pick his brain and see where he was at football-wise because he wasn’t at the combine. He did a good job with that,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said, adding, “He’s still on the draft board. It didn’t change much. . . . We know he can play football. He’s one of the best backs in the draft. We just wanted to do our homework, that’s all.”

Mixon is a talented enough player that he’d likely be a first-round pick if not for the ugly off-field incident. The Chargers or some other team will look at the talent, and overlook the assault.

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  1. i have respect for that decision. Joe Nixon is one of the most talented guys in the draft. he made a couple’ve mistakes and he has the potentiol to turn his life round

  2. Somebody will take him. Not in the first round, but as he falls down the board he will eventually become to good of a bargain to pass up.

  3. Do not condone anything this guy did but he was suspended by Oklahoma and at some point as a person he deserves another chance. Now if he becomes a repeat offender then all bets are off.

  4. The Chargers are not going to pick him unless he falls to rounds 3 or later. That is not going to happen as he will be picked sooner.

  5. He should get his shot in the NFL. He messed up in 2014 and paid the price for it, can’t hold that against him forever especially after players like Mike Vick got their second chances. May end up the steal of the draft.

  6. If they had the offensive linemen to help him and a defense that could protect the lead then they’d really be on to something

  7. The incident isn’t that big of a deal. If you looked at the video she attacked him. I don’t care the BS excuses people use a man should never hit a woman – ITS BS. You don’t want to get slapped back then then don’t go around hitting men. 2 can play that game.

    He needs to learn restraint but I don’t fault him that much for this incident. Draft him.

  8. Why? they really want to use another early round pick on a running back after trading up in the first round in 2015 to get Melvin Gordon? I understand it’s better these days to have multiple running backs, but surely they could sign someone to fill that role.

  9. If he’s still in the board in the 2nd rd you can count on minisoda grabbing like a selfish 5th grade girl. If they can keep a child abuser on their roster they won’t even blush signing a women beater. Book it!

  10. He should have said he was an “illegal alien” and then he would be government assistance in getting this job AND protection from criminal charges for the crime he committed.

  11. If anyone gets fooled because they believed something a team said about their draft plans, they have nobody to blame but themselves. The Patriots are a very smart team. They realize most teams would be influenced by what they do. So if they wanted to get Mixon on the cheap, they’d put out a smokescreen saying they’re not interested. Then everyone would copy them, and they’d be in position to steal him in the fourth round. I mean seriously, do teams believe any of the garbage other teams are throwing around this close to the draft? I would hope not.

  12. Both parties were at fault in the incident. Mixon should have just walked away but the woman had no right to assault him either. If a man slaps a man, the man who was slapped will react with physical force. This is a culturally accepted fact. However, it seems if a woman is the one to start a physical confrontation, you must walk away. Now both Mixon and the female were investigated and both were punished. Mixon had to earn his way back on to the football team and re-earn his scholarship. The United States is famous for not having double-jeopardy. Not allowing Mixon the opportunity to play in the NFL would be punishing him again for an incident in which he already served a punishment. In the eyes of Oklahoma and the Law, Mixon deserves no further punishment. Now for those who hate Mixon, do you not believe in mercy? Do you believe double-jeopardy is acceptable in certain situations? Why should Mixon be punished by an employer he was not an employee of, when he committed said deed? If an employer wants to hire him, then so be it? Do we as a society not discourage blackballing? Because what you posters are suggesting is that Mixon should be in jail for the rest of his life or giving the death penalty. The man has atoned for his crimes and everyone should just move on. We have the right to a trial by a jury of our peers in the USA, but you guys would exploit this duty and condemn a man on your own personal bias rather than the evidence.

  13. He already had his second chance and he got suspended in 2016 for a different altercation with a woman. Granted, he didn’t break this girls eye socket, cheek bone and jaw… but he intimidated her and struck her in the face with a thrown object.

    How did he offend her so? She did her job and put a parking citation on his car.

    His problem isn’t he got slapped after he harassed, stalked and insulted her friends… his problem is clinical. It’s only a matter of time before he pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs.

    Lastly, he told the police after the first incident that her friend called him the slur… he only changed that to her slurring at him weeks later as a PR move.

  14. “If you looked at the video she attacked him.”…..”the woman had no right to assault him either.”

    You all must be looking at a different video than what I saw or you are exaggerating what she did to make a point.

    Unless someone, man or women, is a credible threat you shouldn’t resort to violence. This woman was never a threat to Mixon.

  15. I don’t understand these team-by-team articles on who feels what about Mixon. However you or your team feels about the guy, someone is gonna draft and/or invite him to camp. The Patriots leaked that he was off their board but they don’t even have a pick in the first three rounds, so it’s a moot point.

    I just don’t think it’s something that needs to be advertised. Whether he’s off limits to your franchise or a potential draft selection, I don’t need my GM revealing anything leading up to the draft.

  16. At least somebody attached to these teams keeping it real. If these dudes can play, 100% of them could care less what they do off the field. Just don’t get caught doing it. Sad but true.

  17. Joe’s young like many young kids, can let emotion turn into action…that woman who shoved Joe, not once but twice, has not right to put her hands on the guy…I thought women wanted equal rights…or are they hypocrites…make up ur minds…i bet next time she won’t be shoving dudes in restaurants…lesson learned…Pack shld take him…he’d be perfect for their running scheme…

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