Washington doesn’t comment on Michael Robinson’s quotes from McCloughan

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On Thursday, former Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan broke his silence, via former NFL fullback and current NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson. Robinson painted a picture of the final meeting between McCloughan and team president Bruce Allen that likely didn’t come from the H.R. seminar about how to properly disengage from an employee.

“Bruce called him up to his office and was just like, ‘Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here,'” Robinson said.

On Friday, PFT requested a comment on the contention from McCloughan, via Robinson, from the team. As of this posting, the team has not provided one.

It could mean that the team concedes Allen said what McCloughan (via Robinson) claims he said. It could mean that the team doesn’t want to get into a public tit-for-tat over what was and wasn’t said.

Still, Allen’s alleged comments were sufficiently inflammatory and misguided to justify a shouted-from-the-rooftops denial. To say nothing will prompt many to conclude there’s nothing to say.

From McCloughan’s perspective, PFT has determined that he doesn’t dispute the accuracy of the account Robinson shared publicly. McCloughan also doesn’t seem to be frustrated or disappointed that Robinson opted to speak about their conversation.

Meanwhile, it remains highly likely that the two sides are privately working out the lingering legal issues in the hopes of avoiding a formal grievance or other litigation.

22 responses to “Washington doesn’t comment on Michael Robinson’s quotes from McCloughan

  1. When the Redskins hired McCloughan I thought it was a good hire. He wanted to lock up Cousins last year but was overruled. I thought the Redskins had a pretty good draft last year too.

  2. There’s nothing to be gained and potentially much to lose by saying another word. That would be more than enough reason for most organizations to have no comment. Of course the Skins aren’t exactly like most organizations…

  3. Funny thing is no Redskin fan outside of the building likes Bruce Allen or Dan Snyder. Nobody…

  4. You should’ve used Redskins for this article. That would’ve been a good April Fools prank.

  5. I’m sure their lawyers have told them to clam up. McCloughan’s too. I doubt we’ll ever hear what really went down as there will be a confidentiality agreement. But I hope Allen loses his job and is publicly disgraced anyway.

  6. McCloughan builds 49ers into Super Bowl contender. Team collapses into joke after he leaves.

    McCloughan builds Seahawks into Super Bowl winner. Team is beginning to show signs of failure after he leaves since GM Schneider can’t figure out how to manage a roster.

    McCloughan builds Redskins into a Super Bowl contender. Team now beginning to flounder again under Snyder and Bruce Allen (who continues to find jobs even though he has failed everywhere he has been).

    Face it, McCloughan knows football. Yes, he may be a raging alcoholic but he’s the best personnel guy in the NFL.

  7. Between Zorn, Shanahan and now McCloughan the Redskins have shamed everyone on the way out. All since Allen took over. ANYONE notice a pattern here.
    The marketing of the team is the only thing they are good at here. That is how he does things.
    Allen wants the credit and becomes jealous if anyone is credited. The last 2 drafts may be the best since Beathard if Doctson can play, Daniels contributes and Sudfeld develops as a QB.

  8. Highly dangerous situation. If McCloughan keeps talking he may devalue his silence via a negotiated settlement and his value to other teams who may see him a potential time bomb. If Allen talks he may inflame the situation, increase a slander case and provide a good lawyer with cross examination material.

    Things may have already reached the point where a front office purge may be necessary which will impair or destroy the on field product and may lead to Gruden’s departure and ANOTHER rebuilding of the team. Looking from afar – Allen is not the answer to building a team; McCloughan was. Snyder chose wrong (again). The front office is in disarray; the team lacks wide receivers, long term stability at QB and an experienced, successful personnel director. Cousins looks like a short timer; Snyder looks like a fool and Allen seems happy to stick knives in the back of anyone who is competent. Watch out Gruden – you’re next! Next year it will all be your fault. And Snyder will choose wrong (again).

  9. The Redskins have not said anything but soon the Redskins will say something and after the Redskins say something it will be clear what the position is of the Redskins concerning the meeting between the Redskins team president and former Redskins general manager was. After that’s done maybe we’ll see more articles about the Redskins trademark that the Redskins will never lose.

  10. Allen clearly can’t handle his fathers success so he surrounds himself with mediocrity to look and feel competent.

  11. Well I can now say after 35 years of being a skins fan I am done with the team. Th Redskins once had a respectable organization and then came Snyder.. The loser!! Money doesnt make you a winner.

  12. There is no need to comment. Clearly no desire to comment and it appears to be irksome to some areas of the sports media that they will not comment.

    Nothing to be gained and much to lose. Only downside is that in the vacuum some journalists will listen to anyone with an opinion in order to make or extend a story, and in some circles promote their own agenda.

    I think I must be naive in expecting the press to report on a story, with balance and facts and an absence of bias.

  13. whereevr McCloughan goes i will root for that team i have been hoping for years that snyder and allen could be traded or the redskins would move to LA so i could root for another team. The bills should hire McCloughan after they get rid of whaley and then I will be a bills fan.

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