Jaguars meeting with running back prospects this week

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The Jaguars ranked 22nd in rushing yards during the 2016 season with T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory as their top two running backs and their pre-draft work in 2017 will include meetings with several top backs.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that the team will be meeting with three running backs as they continue their due diligence on this year’s draft prospects. LSU’s Leonard Fournette, Florida State’s Dalvin Cook and Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon are all expected in for meetings.

Fournette is generally the highest-rated back on the board and could be under consideration with the fourth overall pick while Cook seems likelier to land in Jacksonville if the Jaguars opt to trade down in the first round. Mixon’s mix of talent and off-field red flags make him a tough prospect to peg, but he could be there at the top of the second round should the Jags want to go that route.

Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is also due in this week, although it’s hard to find anyone who thinks he’ll still be around at No. 4. Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen could be on the board, though, and is slated to meet with the team as well.

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  1. Jonathon Allen is the most pro-ready of them all. I just don’t know how many guys can get on the field at one time in that position.

    Fournette would be the most fun to watch and may be the only guy to provide any kind of a change-up when the Jags run.

    I’d cut losses on Ivory if I drafted a 1st round rookie RB…can’t hold the ball.

  2. All the early mock drafts had Cook going to Jacksonville, but lately they’ve all gone other directions. He seems to be the best fit for the Jags, being a Florida State guy, and very explosive. Would make for a good set of weapons to put him with those 2 very good WRs they have. Plus, I’ll take any RB over a ‘Bama RB.

  3. Give me Mixon in the 2nd. IDC. He was a hothead that went way over the line in the heat of a moment. Get some anger management and let’s see if we can’t get to .500.

  4. Agreed….Mixon in the 2nd

    Might be tempted to take a shot at Watson at #4…I wanted Bortles to work out, but you can’t have your #4 overall starting QB rebuilding his throwing motion going into his 4th year.

  5. If Carolina wants Fournette to save wear and tear on Cam, they will need to jump ahead of the Jags to get him. That means either #2 with the Niners, or #3 with the Bears.

    I don’t think the Niners are a risk to take him, so if I were the Panthers, I would be talking to the Bears to secure that spot, leaving the Jags to go for Mixon or another back in round 2. Or, if they want the big horse, without the PR issues, D’Onta Foreman….

  6. Alabama running backs that bust:

    Mark Ingram: no. Avg league high 6.2 a carry. Just signed a new contract

    eddie Lacy: has made 2 pro bowls. His weight is sketch but he’s far from a bust.

    Trent R: a JaMarcus level bust. Mentally not there

    Derrick Henry: very good rookie year. When Murray leaves is his show

    tJ Yeldon: if Jaguars use him as a mix up back to catch the ball in flat he could be really good. But he was over drafted. But. Injuries cut his session short.

    Glenn Coffee: 1500 yards in rookie year. Retired because that what happens when you are a 9er. Also had more passion to serve our country.

    I think some of you expect a little too much due to the number of them coming out and not meeting your expectations. That’s a you problem.

  7. jaxbeachsurfshop says:
    Apr 4, 2017 12:07 PM

    Glenn Coffee: 1500 yards in rookie year. Retired because that what happens when you are a 9er. Also had more passion to serve our country.

    Dude, what the heck are you talking about? Glen Coffee never had 1500 yards in the NFL. He played one year and was backup (3rd string) to Frank Gore. He probably never even had 300 yards in the NFL total

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