Ray Rice talks to high school, but isn’t coaching


Ray Rice continues to talk about his past, but he still doesn’t have a job.

Contrary to an ESPN report that Rice was taking a coaching job at New Jersey’s Don Bosco High School, the coach there said that’s not the case.

Ray is not coaching at Don Bosco,” coach Mike Teel said, via Patrick Lanni of NJ.com. “He came and talked to my team today. Nothing more. He’s got a great story. He’s one of my best friends. . . .

“His message was great. He’s a guy that shows exactly what it means to be a professional and handle everything the right way when things don’t go in your favor.”

Rice has made the speaking rounds ever since his Ravens career effectively ended with the video of him punching his now-wife in the face in an elevator emerged in 2014. There has been talk about him coming back, but nothing has come of it.

Teel at Rice played together at Rutgers, and the coach said Rice was going to be the first of many speakers he brings in. And like all the teams in the NFL, he’s not prepared to extend an employment offer to go along with the fond words for the former running back.

6 responses to “Ray Rice talks to high school, but isn’t coaching

  1. “He’s a guy that shows exactly what it means to be a professional and handle everything the right way when things don’t go in your favor.”

    Really? Ray’s unemployment status suggests that is a bunch of malarkey.

    Ray Rice is the lowest of the low, beneath slithering slimy vermin for what he did and he deserves nothing. He showed no contrition until the video emerged and showed just how cowardly he truly is.

    “The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t fight back.”

  2. @ thegreatmorpheos.
    You want to talk about character?

    How about we talk about someone who sits behind a keyboard with an alias for a name and ridicules other people?
    How about we make public, the worst thing that that the person behind the keyboard has ever done and also turned it into a public spectacle?
    Then how about we never allow that person to ever redeem themselves for the mistake(s) they made?

    Sound like fun?

  3. You can cry me a river guitarkevin and then go ahead and talk about character all you want.

    I don’t need to talk about character, because I’m not the cowardly guy who punched my girlfriend and knocked her out, and I’m not the punk whining that I want my million dollar job back.

    Ray Rice has only himself to blame for his predicament and he deserves no sympathy for it, except from numbskulls like you who want to say it’s ok Ray, you’re a good boy. You want to reduce this type of violence on a woman to a simple mistake?

    This incident revealed what kind of scum Ray Rice is deep inside. It’s called accountability and it’s been awhile since today’s liberal society recognized it that way.

    Are you having fun yet?

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