Falcons, Desmond Trufant agree to five-year contract

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A month ago the Falcons and cornerback Desmond Trufant were confident they’d work out a long-term contract extension, and now they have.

Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post reports that Trufant has agreed to a five-year deal to remain in Atlanta.

According to the report, the total value of the contract is $69 million, with $42 million guaranteed. That would put it slightly below the deal cornerback Josh Norman got in Washington last year, when he signed for five years and $75 million, with $50 million guaranteed.

The Falcons had the 26-year-old Trufant under contract for $8.026 million this season, which is the fifth-year option on his rookie deal as the Falcons’ first-round pick in 2013. But the team said signing Trufant was the top offseason priority, and now that deal is done.

17 responses to “Falcons, Desmond Trufant agree to five-year contract

  1. This guy so solid and a big reason the Falcons got to the Super Bowl, and you never hear anything about him or anything salacious out of his mouth. It’s refreshing.

  2. Originally, I thought the Pats contract for Gilmore was a bit rich. But with the salary cap increasing at the current rate, and the escalating contracts for #1 CB’s, it seems like a sound investment.
    Sherman’s $11m a year almost seems like a bargain. Logan Ryan got $10m per year, for a decent #2 spot.

  3. A great deal for Trufant

    Ages 27,28 ok. Decline possible.
    29,30 declining
    31 is old

    It’s all in the details, maybe its really a 3 year 14MM/year fully guaranteed contract with 2 option years of 14MM/year.

    Thats still a huge amount of guaranteed money, and I’m not so sure this was a good deal for the Falcons.

  4. The more they overspend the less they will have for the other spots on their team, greatest example being the Seahawks. Keep paying them, we love it downhere in Tampa

  5. Could be argued that the Falcons got to the Super Bowl without him. Then again, could be argued he could’ve helped them win it when Brady was picking on Jalen Collins.

  6. There’s a decent chance he will tear that pectoral muscle again. It’s vulnerable after the first tear. Happened to Al Horford, and he missed most of two NBA seasons. The Falcons really had no choice here though. Trufant is a top CB, and the meltdowns they’re now world-famous for would be a bit less likely with him in the field.

  7. $14M/yr? $42M guaranteed!! That’s pushing into QB-level money. He’s very good but that seems too much for any CB. For that much money you need a guy to be carrying a lot of the team’s quality on his own shoulders. Yet a corner can’t do that like a top LB-captain can. How close to a SB did Norman get the Skins last year? How many SBs did Revis Island in his good years secure for the Jets? – good QBs (of the sort you meet in the playoffs) can just avoid them because you can’t afford that quality across all the secondary. Outside of QB it’s just too much of a team sport for a single guy to get all that pay and buy you a ring for it.

  8. That’s a ton of money and an insane amount guaranteed.

    Trufant will be 27 when the season starts and that’s an age when CBs start to slow down so it’s a dubious contract…

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