Mark Sanchez will wear Jay Cutler’s number 6

Getty Images

When Tim Hightower arrived in San Francisco, he declined No. 21 out of respect for Frank Gore, who wore it before him with the 49ers. When Latavius Murray arrived in Minnesota, he declined No. 28 out of respect for Adrian Peterson, who wore it before him with the Vikings.

But in Chicago, Mark Sanchez will take Jay Cutler’s old number.

The Bears have confirmed that Sanchez will wear the No. 6 jersey, which Cutler has worn for the last eight years in Chicago. Sanchez has previously worn No. 6 with the Jets and Broncos. He wore No. 3 last year with the Cowboys.

Sanchez will back up Mike Glennon this season, so if Glennon is healthy and effective the No. 6 jersey will be seen mostly on the sideline. Still no word on where Cutler may wear the No. 6 this season.