Former Raiders coach John Madden no fan of Las Vegas move


Former Raiders coach John Madden isn’t a big fan of the team’s move to Las Vegas, as you might expect. And he expressed that dissatisfaction exactly as you’d expect him to.

Madden appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Hall of Fame show last night, and said losing the history of the team (history he in large part helped create) was difficult for him.

“With the [state of the] stadium now, when they move out, that’s going to be torn down, and it’s going to be a high rise or some doggone thing. There’ll be no more Oakland Raiders,” Madden said, via ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez. “There will be no more history of the Oakland Raiders, and that really bothers me.

Boom, it just goes away.”

The 81-year-old Madden said he was “shocked” by how quickly the deal came together, and expressed concerns about the stadium situation in Las Vegas.

“I’m not sure they have that whole deal together yet,” he said. “I’m not sure that they even know exactly what the stadium is, how many, where it’s going to be and all those things.

“For some reason, they jumped into that thing quickly.”

The reason was the $750 million in public money on the table, which was enough to make owners go leave Oakland despite the lack of a lease, design plans for the stadium or FAA approval.

Madden said this move feels different than the 1982 trip to Los Angeles “because of the finality of it,” since there’s no way anything’s going back to Oakland in that stadium. And that left Madden feeling sentimental.

“Maybe this is just me being oversensitive, but doggone it, if you’re going to go, that’s really tough, but leave us something,” Madden said. “Leave us something here in Oakland. Please. . . .

“Yeah, but if you still live here [in the Bay Area] and you have to drive by that area, which, by the way, I felt was the best location of a stadium in the NFL, and you have to drive by there and you see something there like a shopping mall and a high-rise apartment, it’s going to make you sick, I think.”

That’s likely true, and there are legitimate concerns about market size and other issues in Las Vegas. But the speed with which the league was willing to discard history is all the indicator Madden or anyone would need to know what the league values most.

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  1. Did he forget the A’s still play in that stadium? And don’t they have about 9 years left on that lease? And didn’t some rich guy try to build 2 new stadiums and a new arena there for the teams along with shopping malls and make it a destination area? And didn’t the city of Oakland shoot that down too? Both Madden and Gruden will change their tune when they see the new L.V. stadium for the first time.

  2. I went to CWoods last game Dec 2015 thinking that could possibly be the last game there if they would have been approved for LA.

    Now a team has already played a season in LA that was not there in 2015?

    When Carson was killed what did Mayor Shaft say? Oh yeah with this extra money that we will get from the league we sure we can get something done now.We all know how that played out.


    Time is relevant,Im sure it felt like forever, to Mark.

  3. What exactly does he want them to leave behind? We know Madden has made millions on his video game alone. Why not buy a piece of the land and build a shrine or monument? I know he is talking about intangible things but those things fade away over time and will go quicker when the stadium is imploded. The Raiders will leave behind a legacy to NFL fans which will be good for some and bad for others. A monument is one way of leaving things behind in a tangible way so he doesn’t get sick when driving by it.

  4. They asked Madden if he would consider contributing some of his video game profits to keeping the Raiders in Oakland and “Boom!” he just went away.

  5. xlivsaints says:
    Apr 13, 2017 7:57 AM
    Madden/Summerall combo is the true announcing GOAT.
    So true, they were the best by as wide a margin as possible.

    Nobody else even compares.

  6. blame the mayor, she is the one that ruined every chance they had to get this deal done for the last 20 years.

  7. “For some reason”? Really? He should know about Mark not being able to afford to keep the team should Ms Davis pass before the move if anyone would know!

  8. It’s the Raiders, not the Oaklands. Get over it and stop crying. If you have an issue, get Hillary to wipe your tears for you. Move on.

  9. Aaah Johhny come lately, try not to be too much of a big phony AFTER the NFL voted for the move. Where were you and your concern in the weeks and months before?

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