Chris Harris: Joe Woods will take defense to next level

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Some have worried that the departure of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will set the Denver defense back a step. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. has the opposite view.

“We like it,” Harris told reporters on Monday regarding the elevation of defensive backs coach Joe Woods. “He knows our strengths, so that is a good thing having a guy that really knows how we play and things like that. Him getting elevated to the [defensive] coordinator, I think it is a perfect fit for us and what we’re trying to do.

“We’re doing a lot of things that we have done in the past, but we’re kind of adding more wrinkles and taking it to another level. With Wade we were on Level Two on a lot of things, but now we are on Level Three on some coverages.”

Harris actually hopes he won’t be in coverage as much as he’s been in the past.

“Hopefully I am blitzing more,” he said. “Hopefully I get to get some more sacks like I did my first four years. I was very active in the run, getting sacks and playing the ball, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it all this year. . . . I want to be active. I want to be able to show everything that I can do. I can blitz. I can cover. I can play zone and play man. I can do it all. I want to add everything to my game.”

The defense as a whole needs to add something to its game, because the defense found itself giving up too many opening-drive points last year.

“They were coming out with their best first 15 plays,” Harris said. “They were getting us and we started out slow. Now, I think Joe [Woods] and them are going to be way more prepared going into this [season] because these teams keep repeating the same type of plays versus us. Now, we’re going to be well prepared for that. I think we’ll be able to start a lot faster. We’ve got a lot of new stuff, too. They’ve got to be able to disguise what we’re doing now and we kind of make it a little bit harder for them to understand what we are in.”

It remains to be seen whether swapping Phillips for Woods will have that impact on the defense. But the Broncos wanted to elevate Woods now because they feared losing him to another team as a coordinator.

If Woods gets the defense back to where it was two years ago, they’ll have to fear losing him to another team as the head coach.

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  1. I said this before last year started, Wade’s defenses historically have a dropoff from a big improvement in year one. It happened last year. It happened in Houston. It happened in Dallas. It happened in Buffalo. It’s virtually happened everywhere he’s gone where the success is never maintained at as high of a level as it initially was when he makes a huge improvement on many units he takes over.

  2. I’m sure a lot of the schemes and personal will stay the same however wade was really good at in game adjustments. That’s where we will see a drop off or improvement. U have to make great in game adjustments. I have no idea if joe woods can do it

  3. The Broncos have already proven that if they aren’t cheating the cap or if their QB isn’t on HGH, they can’t win. Those are facts. Look it up, kids.

  4. Joe Woods is apparently a nice guy… who has basically not achieved anything in the NFL beyond being ‘a nice guy’.

    Him getting elevated to a new position should generate zero news.

  5. John Madden always said your team starts with your lines. Truer words were never spoken. Denver must continue to improve in this regard, otherwise, they will continue to fall just short of the playoffs. The AFC West is dog eat dog. Tough division, all four of them! Looking forward to the upcoming season. Let the dance begin.

  6. @tylaw

    Johhny horse teeth doesnt look so smart now, does he?
    You must be still be butt sore about losing your undefeateD record in 2015 to Denver and then losing the AFC champ game to Denver, who went on to win SB 50. Wake me when BB and Brady have a career winning record over the Broncos. Hush child.

  7. All you have to do is read the comments on here anytime a Broncos post appears to know the Broncos are swimming around in Patriots fans dome….they know the Broncos are the one team that has consistently beaten their beloved Patriots, the one team Tom Brady has a losing record to, the one team that has a winning record over Bill Belichick, the one team that is 3-1 over Brady/Belichick in the playoffs, including 2-0 in AFC Championship games (the Pats were actually able to beat us when we had Tebow at QB), the one team that has been kicking their collective ass since 1960. The one team chowd legend Will McDonough admitted no Patriots fan ever wants to see on their schedule…..we ALWAYS look forward to playing, and beating, the Patsies. Bring it on!

  8. tylawspick6 says:
    Apr 17, 2017 7:24 PM
    johnny horseteeth doesn’t look so smart now, does he?

    rookie coaching staff, no depth and aging free agent
    vets everywhere all at once
    Man, still hurting from that pre- SB50 pummeling twice huh?

  9. It wasn’t a Wade problem, but a Kubiak problemo. He wasn’t up to the task of HC due to his heart issues. Not a knock on the guy, just the facts Jack.

    I will miss Wade’s humor alot though.

  10. Make the playoffs then worry about TOM. U are not

    picked to win your own division let alone be relavent.

    Sounded good thou Harris like u want to blitz,even if

    u are the best corner

  11. Vance Joseph is now Denver Head Coach and he has a Defensive background. Where some expect Joe Woods to implement a new system, it will have to fit with what Vance wants.

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