Jets have a unique approach to player access

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As most teams reconvene for the offseason program, the organizations are making certain players and coaches available to the media. It happens because teams that get it realize that having players and coaches talk to the media results in stories and other coverage of the team at a time when there really isn’t anything to cover.

Then there are the Jets, who made no one available to the media when the players gathered for the offseason program, producing instead a sheet of perfunctory, meaningless quotes that read a lot like Tim Tebow’s introductory press conference from five years ago.

Dom Cosentino of has the full collection of variations on the term “excited,” with annotations that make the quotes slightly more interesting.

The Jets, we’re told, plan to make players available to the media once Phase Two begins. Which coincidentally will happen after the Jets draft a bunch of guys who will be scrutinized and criticized all year long, either from outside the team or from within.

4 responses to “Jets have a unique approach to player access

  1. I remember the days when the Jets were the team that couldn’t stop running their mouths. So a change in behavior might be a positive sign that maybe they are going to go a better direction.

  2. They’re probably just as embarrassed as anyone that they managed to get even worse this offseason. Josh McCown was a decent idea in 2014, not 2017. Meanwhile, the Giants might actually contend this year.

  3. This might have something to do with the media constantly crushing the Jets at every opportunity… and Mehta’s “anonymous sources”. I love that my team has no snitches…and Brandon Marshall’s mouth is gone.

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