Investigation ends, Aqib Talib won’t be suspended or fined

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The Broncos got a shot in the arm Tuesday, as the NFL couldn’t really figure out what to do with Aqib Talib being shot in the leg.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, the league has closed its investigation into Talib’s 2016 shooting, and won’t suspend him.

Talib won’t even face a fine, but will have to complete a firearm safety course and submit a list of his weapons.

Police say Talib admitted he accidentally shot himself, and no charges were ever filed in the end.

Maybe the league just came to realize they didn’t have an extradition treaty with Plaxico, and there was nothing more they could do.

25 responses to “Investigation ends, Aqib Talib won’t be suspended or fined

  1. Talib has to have something on the NFL. He avoids fines & suspensions like a G. Shoots himself, rips off Crabtree’s chain, threatens other players . . . Dude owns Roger Goodell, lol.

  2. Talib won’t even face a fine, but will have to complete a firearm safety course and submit a list of his weapons.
    Stupid. Their discipline is based on the aftermath rather than the action itself. The league’s policy seems to be: if there is no political fallout, then there is no discipline needed. This clown discharged a firearm in a public place. Just because he was the only one injured does not mean he was the only one endangered. Couple that with his violent history both on and off the field and it is incomprehensible that he is not punished. That man discharged his weapon, lied to the police and lied to the NFL investigators. How is none of the punishable?

    That said, why the hell do they need a list of his weapons? Just a BS requirement that serves no purpose beyond the appearance of discipline.

    When it comes to effective discipline, this league is a joke and has absolutely no concept of how to effectively develop behavioral standards or handle any violations that happen.

  3. The NFL doesn’t have any rules about being an idiot, so there is not much they could do.

    Don’t worry Talib will find another way to grievously injure himself or someone else.

  4. Aaron Hernandez is considering lodging a complain, seeing as the only detail that’s different is who got shot…

  5. Not a Brady fan but if he gets 4 games for possibly being involved in cheating but proof is ehhhh, at best. How does a guy that shoots himself, puts his own life at risk and that of many others gets nothing, nada, zip.

    Makes me wonder how far we are away from fines and suspensions for offensive lineman holding.

  6. wib22 says:
    Apr 18, 2017 1:22 PM
    I mean if he was still a patriot he would be cheating.
    Back to this name today I see. Be real, if Talib was still a Patriot he’d have been suspended indefinitely and the Pats would have lost more picks.

  7. tangotwo22 says:

    Its a good thing he didn’t take a lb of pressure out of a ball….much better to shoot yourself and lie about it…

    The Deflator agrees.

  8. I thought that prior history & behavioral patters were taken into account when deciding if a penalty should be handed out as well as it severity…..Gus’s he needed to shoot someone else for the player conduct & integrity issues kick in….BRILLIANT!!!
    FRAUGER is a clown….. & 345 Park Ave is a JOKE all be it a REALLY BAD ONE AT THAT!!!

  9. Submit a list of his weapons NO FREAKING WAY . It is NONE of the NFL business what he owns for guns . GOODELL you are going down the wrong path . Don’t tell them anything about what you own at all . NEVER .

  10. No laws were broken! What are they going to punish him for? Texas is very liberal on gun control.

    Personally, I think walking around, massively intoxicated with a loaded weapon should be punishable. His actions put the public at lethal risk. How is that any different from being behind the steering wheEl of a car? Not in Texas.

    Avid Bronco Fan

  11. Plexico Burress managed to shoot himself, what happened to him? I know Apples to apples comparison.

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