Matt Ryan likes what he saw during “Camp Brotherhood”

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The hurdles the Falcons have to overcome this year are the kind that can’t necessarily be fixed by any one day on the practice field.

But they’re hoping they built enough of a bond last season that carries over as they try to recover from their disastrous Super Bowl collapse.

Toward that end, they had much higher attendance in the past for last week’s “Camp Brotherhood,” which began as a typical passing camp with quarterback Matt Ryan and his receivers working together for a few days, but has branched out to include linemen and other players.

I think it’s a little bigger than a passing camp now,” Ryan said, via Matt Winkeljohn of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We had a lot of guys from different positions down there. We got some good work in on the field, knocked some of the rust off. I thought guys had a good time.

“It was good for everybody to come together, kind of connect on where they’ve been, kind of get our minds right to get started on the offseason. We changed some venues, etc., but for the most part it was pretty similar, . . . pretty casual couple of days, not as intense and organized as it is once we get back here.”

For what it’s worth, coach Dan Quinn liked what he saw as his team reassembled for offseason conditioning work this week.

“That was the main thing,” he said. “To a guy, it’s not just the on-the-field time, but the time away that they spend together, going to dinner and doing stuff together, that type of connection that you can have as a team.”

Even if it borders on corny, Quinn sells the teamwork stuff enthusiastically, and it seems to have worked. The Falcons have a solid base of young talent, and if they can push through the psychological trauma of the end of their last game, they are positioned to contend for the next few years.

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  1. #biggestchokeinsbhistory

  2. Right now, the Falcons need a psychological clean slate more than any team in NFL history. This is way beyond the Broncos giving up 35 points in one quarter, the Titans coming up one yard short, or the Seahawks throwing into traffic on the one yard line. This calls for a blockbuster move: Yes, I’m talking about trading away your NFL MVP … the one who made the rookie mistake by taking a sack when it mattered most.

    The question is who would trade their franchise QB for Matt Ryan? Though still maturing I’m fairly certain Dak Prescott, Jamies Winston and Marcus Mariota would not be dealt for the inconsistent Ryan.

  3. brotherhood is BS. You need to have a leader on the field, someone the players respect and want to fight hard for. The Patriots do that for Brady, they don’t want to let him down, they know how hard he wants to win for THEM. Matty Icemelt doesnt inspire anyone. You also need a coach who understands situational football, Quinn hasnt figured that out yet. Falcons will be 8-8

  4. Brady’s famed Roger That commercial — filmed with a fifth ring before he won it — is all you need to watch to understand what happened. The Falcons have a good team and probably would have won the SB if Goodell had not called out the most merciless QB assassin in league history. Brady was not there to play football, he was there to kill a guy on national television. Roger that.

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