Philip Rivers has no qualms about Joey Bosa skipping workouts

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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa has opted not to show up for optional voluntary workouts. If any of his teammates will be applying peer pressure to Bosa, it won’t be his starting quarterback, Philip Rivers.

“I know this about Joey,” Rivers told Hardwick & Richards on XTRA 1360 AM in San Diego. “Joey’s gonna put his hand on the ground and he’s gonna play as hard as anybody on the field for however many snaps we play, and he’s gonna be in as good a shape if not better than any guy in the building. Now, I think we’ve got a heck of a program, and what we’re doing is awesome as far as an offseason program, it’s great.

“But you also know, at least I’ve found out in a year’s time with Joey, is that he’s gonna be ready, he’s taking care of his business. He’s doing it his way, but he’s a pro. I found out very quickly he’s a pro, and we want Joey to be the best he can be. And if he feels doing this route is that, then that’s a decision he has to make.”

Bosa is working out on his own, and he’s expected to show up for Organized Team Activities, otherwise known as Phase Three of the offseason workout program. He doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to; no player is obligated to show up for anything but the mandatory minicamp.

13 responses to “Philip Rivers has no qualms about Joey Bosa skipping workouts

  1. Yes, these are voluntary, but this jerk has shown a complete disregard for his team during his first year and he should have shown up to prove he’s not a snowflake.

    We can only assume he is thus Mr. Snowflake.

  2. It would be fun to see Spanos or some front office person make some public statements about Bosa being selfish.

    Hopefully he leaves the team in 4 years.

  3. Self entitlement does not make a teammate. Talent only gets you so far, the rest you have to make with leadership and the desire to succeed as a team, not the desire to make money. Your teammates might like your talent, but they won’t respect or like you and that goes far with success and bonding.

  4. For those of you who think JB is some sort of problem child, take note he was DROY in only 12 games last year while playing for a barely adequate coaching staff, and the reason he played only 12 games was due to inept management. If he ever fails to give less than full effort, then you can whine. Until then, just enjoy the ride.

  5. Look, Bosa AND Rivers don’t like the re-location at all. Bosa knows the Spanos/Fabriani mob are bad actors. Please note Rivers’s interview was in San Diego. They must still be practicing there. Spanos keeps prolonging the discomfort the team has with moving by continuing practicing in San Diego. A location and fans Spanos abandoned. Hello, they are the Carson City team now! The mob should “cut the imbilical cord” now and get the team the hell out of San Diego! Don’t they have a practice location in Costa Mesa? Oh, I forgot, Spanos/Fabriani are trying to save money any way they can. What about Mission Viejo High School? They have a fairly sizable high school field with locker room facilities. The mob bosses will wihdraw from SD abruptly to Carson or Costa Mesa as we close in on the season. Carson will have NO home games for a few years. What a mess! They should re-name them the Carson City Gypsies.

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